Have you ever wondered what kind of content you should add to your Instagram reel? If you find yourself spending a lot of time coming up with ideas, I have a solution for you.

I have put together 27 exciting content topics for your Instagram reel that you can use when you are putting together your next reel. You will also find some examples of how you can create a reel using some of the topics.

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27 exciting content topics for your Instagram Business reels.

1. Introduce yourself - tell about yourself in a reel

It can be a very simple reel where you say

  • Your name
  • Where you’re from
  • What you do
  • What you offer

As a call-to-action you can invite people to share something about them.

Variation of this topic:
2 truths and 1 lie and invite your audience to guess.

2. Quick Tip

Share one tip or three tips that can be easily applied by your audience.

3. Mistakes

Share some common mistakes you see people make, and share how to fix it.
For example:
5 common mistakes people make when ….
The biggest mistake people make with reiki (meditation, reading oracle cards etc)

4. Quotes/ Mantras/ Affirmations used for reels

You can share them as an inspiration of the day or Today’s mantra.
You can create a list of affirmations for [insert your ideal audience]

5. Community

If you have a membership or want to showcase your free Facebook group you can create a reel about the purpose of your group, who this group is for, how to join in.
Invite people to join.

6. Testimonials

Share your clients testimonials but don’t share them word for word, showcase the main benefits from working with you.
If you use exact testimonials make sure that you have a dynamic or engaging video.picture background to make it stand out. A trending song will help too.

7. Share your personal story

Share your personal story.
For example:

  • What did you do before you started your business?
  • How did you start your business?
  • Who was your first customer
  • The reason you started your business.

8. Favourites

Share your favourite products, tips, finds, or anything else you’d like to highlight and it can be useful to know for your audience.

9. What people think...

What people think they need to [do something] versus what they actually need.

Make a list of things people think they need in order to achieve something. End the video with a fact that is the opposite of their current mindset.
For instance, assumption: I need to have expensive software in order to start your online business. Reality: you can start today with just a PayPal button and a post on social media.

10. Before and After

A story of what your client’s situation was before they worked with you and what happened after they worked with you.

11. What people can expect from you

Want people to follow you? Share what type of content people can expect to see from you on Instagram or what they can expect from working with you.

12. Myth Busting

“Myth versus Truth”.

For instance – myth – you need to spend a lot of money in order to get results from Facebook ads; truth – you can get great results on a budget.

13. Day in the life / Behind the Scenes

Film snippets of what a day in your life looks like, or what your behind the scenes look like.

14.“Show your workspace”

Pan over the whole room, show their favourite parts of the room and tools of the trade (anything from stationary, furniture, calendar, laptop).

15. A story how you turned your failure into a success

16. “Coming soon!”

Make an announcement. Tell people what’s coming soon and make it exciting.

  • New blog post coming soon!
  • New email newsletter coming soon!
  • New YouTube video coming soon!
  • New services will be launched soon!
  • Tickets for the event will be on sale soon!

17. Celebrate your Business Birthday

18. Book review

3 things you liked about that book.

19. Promote a giveaway

1/3/5 reasons somebody needs to get your giveaway.

20. Your morning/evening routine

21. Answer FAQs

You can answer one question at a time or 5 common frequently asked questions.

22. I couldn’t do this without …

Shout out to your business partners, friends, clients, mentors (tag them in the reel).

23. Tutorial showcasing your product/services

Show how your digital product can be used.

24. Share the news

Is there big news in your industry? Or your latest blog post?

Use the “Green Screen” effect on Instagram to show the screenshot of the news behind you.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a screenshot of the news
  • Open your Instagram Reels and choose the “Green Screen” effect
  • Upload the screenshot as you background
  • Point to it or share your tip / reaction.

25. Your favourite business tool

You can showcase one business tool at a time or a list of your favourite business tools.

26. A step-by-step guide

27. Role play

You create a character (s) and act out various situations. 

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