How to use AI tools for your business growth and prosperity

The AI Guide for Intuitive Entrepreneurs

ON-DEMAND Masterclass + Guide PDF

By the end of the Masterclass you will know

How to Prepare Your Business for the AI Advantage

How to Use AI as your Business Coach to improve your life & business

How to Craft and Improve Your Services (Offers) with AI

How to Use AI for lead generation
& email marketing

 How to Grow Your Social Media Reach with AI

During the 90 minute masterclass we will cover:


How to use AI in alignment with your vision and purpose at each stage of your entrepreneurial journey

Let’s explore how to keep your core vision and intentions at the centre when integrating AI into your business. I’ll share real examples of how to choose AI tools that amplify your higher purpose during key phases, from getting started to evolving your influence. You’ll gain clarity on using AI to magnify rather than dilute your spiritual essence and desires.


How to use AI to expand your social media reach and impact

Together, we’ll uncover proven techniques to grow your audience and maximise your influence across social platforms in ways that feel aligned. From clarifying your message to creating content that authentically expresses your unique gifts, I’ll show you how AI can help you positively impact more people.


How to accelerate growth with ease leveraging AI

Let’s get strategic about smart ways to leverage AI that drive business growth while honouring ease and flow. We’ll explore how to adopt AI to boost productivity and content creation without overwhelm. You’ll learn an intuitive framework for integrating AI that allows your purposeful business to flourish organically.


How to align your mindset and energy with AI

As an intuitive entrepreneur, let’s cultivate the optimal mindset and energy practices to integrate AI in an effortless way. We’ll explore techniques to ground yourself, set intentions, maintain inner peace and clarity of purpose as you scale with technology.


How to build an intuitive AI implementation strategy

Let’s create a customised step-by-step framework for implementing AI into your business. We’ll assess your offerings, workflows and readiness in order to tailor the optimal phased approach for adoption. You’ll get clarity on where and how to start integrating AI for maximum effortlessness, impact and alignment.

In today’s digital landscape, leveraging technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is key for intuitive entrepreneurs like you to grow and scale your online businesses. However, the world of AI can feel overwhelming and inaccessible.

This talk will provide you with a practical guide to seamlessly incorporating AI tools and strategies into your business operations and marketing.

I will demystify AI by providing clear guidance on identifying and integrating the right AI tools and solutions to maximise your online presence, connect with customers, increase your visibility online, and grow your social media presence.

You’ll walk away with straightforward action steps for leveraging technology to streamline your existing systems and marketing efforts as an intuitive entrepreneur.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your established business to the next level, this talk will give you the confidence and strategic roadmap to embrace AI as an intuitive entrepreneur. You’ll gain the knowledge and resources to leverage technology with simplicity for online business success.

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✔️ ACCESS to the on-demand workshop

✔️Free 30-day access to Magical Creators Membership

✔️ PDF – “The Intuitive Entrepreneur’s Guide to AI: Leveraging Technology with Ease for Online Business Success”

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The Inevitable Success Toolkit (£147) 


My name is Inga Deksne,

I am an Intuitive Business Strategist who guides entrepreneurs and businesses towards success. With my unique blend of intuition, strategic thinking, and extensive business knowledge, I have become a trusted advisor to aspiring and established professionals alike.

My approach goes beyond conventional consulting, as I tap into the core essence of a business, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and align clients’ visions with practical strategies.

By integrating mindset, energy, and intuition, I help clients cultivate a holistic approach to their business, making informed decisions for sustainable growth and long-term success.

With a diverse background and deep industry understanding, I have transformed numerous businesses, empowering them to thrive in competitive markets.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, my intuitive business strategy can unlock your true potential and create a prosperous future.