Business Growth Day

A virtual planning space to map out your activities and content to grow your business in the next 30 days.

If you are always busy without seeing profitable results in your business, and you want to change it, join us for Business Growth Day!

Would you like to spend a day laser focusing on money generating activities and content creation that will help you show up consistently and attract more clients on social media?

The 30-Day Business Success Plan

  • 90 – minute session set goals and implementation systems for your next 90 days.
  • The workbook is included.
  • The session is recorded.

Social Media Engagement Booster

  • 90- minute session to evaluate results from previous 30 days and create engagement booster plan for the next 90 days.
  • The workbook is included.
  • The session is recorded.

Creativity Workshop

  • 90-minute session with practical tips how to create and repurpose your content to attract clients.
  • The session is recorded.
Your ticket includes:

  • Access to all 3 sessions and recordings.
  • 2 Workbooks
  • A 10 day access to the Magical Creators membership.

During the day you will also receive individual recommendations on which social media platform to focus on taking into account your business goals and personality. 


Working on the Lead Magnet The 3 free days Cleanse,putting all the peaces together to make my message more clear.Feeling inspired and creative by all the ideas Inga suggested and her challenge videos..Thank you so much Inga for your understanding and helping me to connect the dots.You are Awesome .
Adriana Delieva

Enjoying the challenge and feeling I am making progress over coming the “post creation” discipline resistance! Thanks Inga for the supported space this afternoon – planning to make some quote posts, just been out with my camera to make the most of the blue sky and get some pix, some Call to action posts and schedule two more videos I made the other day 💙


Louise Carpenter