Cai Graham

How anxiety can affect your business and personal life and how to deal with it

Cai is a Parenting & Family Coach : specifically supporting families with Teenagers.
She wrote an Amazon bestseller : The TEEN Toolbox™ : Equipping Parents and Teenagers with the Tools for Navigating Adolescence.
Cai’s MISSION : To Help Parents to Support Their Teenagers so that Together We Can Build a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People.

As a result – using her background as Master Practitioner in Coaching and NLP & Timeline Therapy, together with her experience with ChildLine (the UK’s leading charity : providing 24 hour counselling service for young people) she wants to help families communicate better and build stronger relationships.

With her unique and playful modality, QUANTUM PLAY(TM), a somatic and holistic practice for unleashing power and potential by creating flow states, Anne brings together leading edge research from neurophysiology, developmental psychology, quantum physics, energy medicine, integral theory, and spirituality to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create joygasmic lives of freedom, wealth, and impact.

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