The Client Attraction Roadmap

Business Success Formula for Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Dear Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneur,

Are you ready to finish 2019 strong?  I know that in the beginning of the year you were full of dreams and determination that this year was going to be different. Right? Was it really?

Are you on track with your dreams and goals? Now is the time to take stock.

Have an honest look at your current situation. Does your business support you or is it still an expensive hobby? 

Does your business allow you to create legacy and impact lives of others?

Are you happy?

If you keep knowing what needs to be done in your business but don’t implement it then I have bad news for you, nothing will change.

The reason you may not yet have seen real results for your business could be:

you know you need systems in your business, but have no clue where to start;

you spend tons of time on different social platforms without knowing what actually works;

you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with the constant changes to social media;

you haven’t implemented all the things you have learned.

Well, STOP everything and read this:

As somebody who frequently uses intuition in her work, I understand the power of setting an intention, following your internal cues and being in the flow. It makes you feel calm and peaceful, but it is NOT ENOUGH.

If you don’t have the right foundation in place, no matter how many times a day you meditate, nothing will move forward.

The plain truth is – You need a system.

Admittedly, creating a lead magnet and connecting it to your email marketing system can be boring, frustrating and overwhelming.

That’s why we keep ourselves busy; to have a reasonable excuse not to do it.

How do I know?

Because despite having all the technical knowledge to build systems, I don’t find this work particularly exciting either.

I’d rather be doing Facebook Lives or creating pretty pictures for Instagram. But I do know that creating systems is what makes a business successful.. Only SYSTEMS can bring you real results.

Still reading?
Stay with me because I have a solution

What do I call real results?

It’s where your business can sustain you financially, is enjoyable and brings you a constant stream of customers.

It is where you use social media to become visible to your ideal audience and convert them into paying customers.


The cycle I see from a lot of business owners is to be overly active on social media for a short period of time. Not see immediate results. Give up.

They can see other people having success, so they start being active again,

There is a lot of contradictory advice from various industry experts on how to use social e=media and run your business.

You can scroll through so many posts and articles about what you should be doing on social media. The more you read, the more you feel you are not doing enough.

It’s frustrating!

All you want is to be yourself and do what you love.

But you have this nagging feeling that you’re missing out on opportunities to be visible to your ideal customers, and that really worries you.

You have probably bought tons of courses, and invested a lot of money, but you haven’t seen much difference in your business yet.

What is different about the “Client Attraction Roadmap”?

This 12-week online progamme will give you


Knowing which social media platform to use actively and which one only represents your business;

Knowing which steps to take to generate leads from social media;

Knowing where to focus each month.​


Having a support group of like minded people.

Creating habits that will make you attractive to your ideal customers.

Regular group calls to create unwavering belief in yourself.


How to make social media platforms work for your business even if you don’t use them actively.

Tailored made online training library for your business needs.

Guidance how to integrate social media into your business systems.


Systems that generate leads. ​

Focus on desired results.

​Increased income.

I use my intuition as my main business tool. I connect with you on a soul level and I can guide you to your best possible solution but YOU will be the one who makes the final decision.

Sarah Joanne Ashurst

Intuitive Coach

Before I signed up with Inga I was overwhelmed and confused about what I should be focusing on to build my business up social media wise. Since signing up with her I have so much more clarity and I know what to focus on, furthermore she makes everything so clear and is so patient with a technophobe like me! By working on her suggestions I have already made my investment with her twice over and I’ve learnt so much about what you can do to increase your business presence online. If you’re thinking of signing up with her, don’t hesitate, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!

I’ve been teaching a lot of people how to use social media in their businesses efficiently. Some of them made money the very next day after our session. (not bragging just sharing what’s possible)

I was privileged to witness how some spiritual business owners went from hating technology and social media to embracing it and enjoying using it because they were able to find what works for them.

Starting from 3rd October we will begin building Your Client Attraction Road Map. How do I envision that?

It will take us 90 days to work together with other Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

In order for your business to be successful, you need to have clients, to attract clients you need to create your individual client attraction system. I am here to help you.


We will evaluate and test your current client attraction system. You will define the results you want to achieve and I will show you how to get them.


Then we will create a plan and a step-by-step system to implement it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is similar to any programme you may have previously tried.

This foundation is crucial.

We need to discover what has worked and what needs to change to enable me to recommend a unique path for you and your business.



I will show you which social media platforms to use actively for your business, and which platforms can work  without  active participation (but are equally efficient at generating business).

What can you expect from working with me and our private group?

You will create an efficient method of a lead generation that brings you  a consistent stream of clients.
You will have easy to follow tutorials to understand the necessary technology.
Your social media presence will be optimised and integrated with your lead generation system.

Most importantly, we will also work on mindset.

For you to have a flourishing business your life is going to change and we humans don’t like changes.. even when they bring desired results!
We will have a lot of fun too! That’s a given.

How much does it cost?

The investment in this 12-week programme is £997( around $1285).

The biggest success comes when you follow your intuition.

Full Payment - £997

(Better value)

In the past I had to decline opportunities to invest in myself simply because I didn’t have the funds to pay in full. If this is your case for you, then I have some great news:  You can pay in installments.

Your investment is £111 x 10 .

10 Payments of £121

(Payment plan)

So are you excited?

What does your intuition tell you?

I don’t want you to join me just to get paid;  I want you to be successful. For this reason, if you doubt our collaboration could be anything short of wildly successful, the time may not be right and that’s is OK.

But if you know that having access to the digital library and weekly group calls with me is an absolute dream come true I will be so happy to welcome you into this programme.

Lots of love, Inga.

P.S. Let’s recap information about my offer:


The Client Attraction Programme starts on 24th January 2019.

It lasts 90 days.


It consists of 12 weekly group online coaching calls and access to training library.​

The number of participants is maximum 20 people.

The content is customised to the needs of participants. ​


3 Virtual VIP Days

Aodaoin Hathaway,

Dances with Dragons

Working with Inga on a 1:1 basis for the past six weeks has been a totally transformative experience. I am already seeing and acting on new possibilities and expanding my business, and I cannot wait to see where I will be after three months of working with her. Inga brings an extremely supportive, nurturing, no-BS-tolerated energy to her work, and you’ll end up going deep, looking at all the places where you’ve held yourself back, and then be dusted off and set on a new and shining path!