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Discover how to create reels that turn your Instagram into a profitable business tool spending only 30 minutes a day.

Do you want to harness the power of reels that don’t require dancing or complicated editing, to grow your audience, and takes 30 minutes a day or even less?


The “ReelLove” 5-Part Online Course is designed for busy Intuitive Entrepreneurs like you, who want to effortlessly build an impactful Instagram presence that conveys your story and values, as well as how you can help solve your audience’s problems.

Imagine how it will feel when your story, values, and point of view are seamlessly intertwined in your Reels – REELS that attract real customers, prospects, and clients that you never even considered before.

I’ve crafted a 5-Part Course that will walk you through the process of building Reels that not only get more attention, but are authentically who you are and have your audience coming back for more.

During these 5 modules you will learn:

      • How to set up a reel creation process so it takes you 30 minutes a day or even less to publish your reels on a regular basis.

      • How to create reels that bring value to your audience that don’t require dancing or complicated editing.

      • How to use Reels to grow your audience.

      • How to come up with content ideas for your Reels with ease.

      • How to use Reels authentically to sell your products/services.

This is for you if


Despite loads of free information about Reels you don’t know where to start;


You feel that creating Reels may take up too much of your precious time without bringing any significant results;


You have tried Reels before but creating them felt like torture, you spent hours putting it together only to reach a couple of hundred people;


You are tired of ever changing algorithms and almost given up on social media in general.


You don’t know what content to use for reels because dancing and ‘pointing” is not your thing.


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What awaits during the 5-Part Online Course “ReelLove”

Module 1

Alchemy Day

During this day we will learn how to turn your Instagram account into a powerful client attraction tool.

Module 2

Discovery Day

On this day we will be entering the world of possibilities.

You will learn about different types of reels, and choose the ones that align with your personality & business goals.

Module 3

Round Table Day

On this day we will unleash our creativity.

You will create an outline for your five new reels.

Module 4

Coffee & Laptop Day

Getting ready for a big day. Coffee can be replaced with a beverage of your choice.

You will create “scripts” for  your five new reels.

Module 5

Lights. Camera. Action.

Time for magic!

You will create five new reels!

About the course creator Inga Deksne:

Hi I am Inga! I am originally from Latvia and moved to London 14 years ago.

Since my online marketing journey began back in 2011 I have helped thousand business owners

I establish their social media presence from scratch and help them attract their ideal clients.

I have been dubbed the “Social Media Angel” by my clients, as I free them from the overwhelm and frustration caused by the ever-changing social media landscape.

I combine technology, marketing, and mindset as I firmly believe that one cannot exist without another.

My mission is to help business owners make their business more profitable and enjoyable. Happy business owners can create bigger impact in the world.