Kurly Marwaha

Top Energy Tips For Business Flow

Kurly Marwaha is a Master Feng Shui & Energetics Practitioner, she has not only taken ‘simple’ energy systems to mastery level, she has mastered those systems that are considered elite by the most experienced in the field such as Qi Men Da Ja and Xong Kong Da Gua. Her career history has involved design, graphics, architectural drawing, business and management as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager in the corporate world. In 2008 she won the coveted PA of the Year Award.

She is respected for bringing a fresh educational style approach, which teaches and supports clients. Through her accomplishment in Feng Shui Mastery, energetics work, business strategizing, project management and operations, Kurly now works professionally with many diverse clients including individuals, and those in the fast paced corporate & entrepreneurial environments, to help them achieve tangible results. She does this through practical application and tailored implementation for a diverse range of goals whether they be personal, professional or organisational.

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