How To Lead & Leverage Your Personal Brand


A 7-Day Visibility Booster with guest expert Gayle Edwards

Join members of the “Magical Creators Online Membership” community for 7 days where our very own Magical Creator and Personal Brand Disruptor, Gayle Edwards, will be live in the group to deliver a 5 day Sprint on ‘How To Lead & Leverage Your Personal Brand’. You will have additional two days to catch up with the videos and explore other benefits of being in the group of spiritual and intuitive entreperenurs. 

Why this and why now? Because there are currently millions of people losing their jobs and a huge percentage of them are about to start a business going into competition with YOU!. Yes these new business start-ups who have zero business experience only need to learn some smart marketing skills and boom… none of your experience and expertise is going to matter if your dream customers find them instead of you first.

Are you going to let these business freshman overtake you, or are you going to show the world who they should REALLY be following – YOU!

Gayle is determined that each and every Magical Creator has the opportunity to step out and stand up in their own hallelujah!

Join us for the  7- Day Visibility Booster with Gayle Edwards

Starts on 6th April weekdays at 9:30 am BST

During these 7 days you will have access to

  • 5 livestreams with Gayle
  • 2 additional days to catch up with replays
  • Social Media and Business Workshop on Tuesday 2 pm BST
  • Masterclass on Wednesday 7pm BST
  • Facebook Live 21-Day course

Join the 7-Day Visibility Booster with Gayle Edwards and spend a week with like minded entrepreneurs, and become more visible to your ideal audience.


About your host Inga Deksne and leading expert Gayle Edwards

Gayle Edwards is a Positioning Strategist who works with Leaders who want to build their identity and authority within their marketplace!

Whether you are a Leader wanting to leverage your Personal Brand to raise your profile or a business wanting to raise your brand awareness.

Gayle is able to use her acute instincts, skill and experience to help you boost your identity, create more impact, extend your influence and sharpen up your image.

Inga moved to London from a small Baltic country Latvia in 2008.

Her social media journey started in 2012, since then she has helped many business owners establish their social media presence from scratch.

She has created High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create a huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business.

She shows them that running your business can be easy and enjoyable when you create systems that work for your business model and your personality.