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Simplify Your Lead Magnet Creation for Audience Expansion and Profit Boosts

Discover the key to engaging your audience and enhancing your marketing strategy with LeadMagnet Magic.

This guide is designed to help you craft effective lead magnets, with or without the use of ChatGPT, ensuring you attract and convert your target audience with ease.

Inside LeadMagnet Magic

LeadMagnet Magic serves as a practical guide for intuitive entrepreneurs looking to navigate the complexities of lead magnet creation. Whether you’re exploring AI tools like ChatGPT or sticking to traditional techniques, this guide offers valuable strategies and insights to improve your marketing efforts.

Why LeadMagnet Magic Stands Out

Adaptable Strategies

Gain insights into creating compelling lead magnets using both AI tools and conventional methods.

Revitalise Your Lead Magnets

Learn how to update and enhance your existing lead magnets for better engagement and conversion rates.

ChatGPT Integration

For those utilising ChatGPT, access custom prompts designed to streamline the lead magnet development process.

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Embrace the opportunity to refine how you connect with your audience. LeadMagnet Magic goes beyond a simple guide—it introduces you to a supportive community and a wealth of resources aimed at boosting your marketing success.

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Immediate Access to LeadMagnet Magic Guide

Discover the secrets to crafting compelling lead magnets that engage and convert, with or without ChatGPT.

Exclusive Invitation to Implementation Workshops

Select from available dates to participate in live workshops, enhancing your grasp and application of the guide’s strategies.

Complimentary Four-Week Access to Magical Creators Community

Engage with a community of like-minded individuals in a supportive setting, complete with weekly Q&A sessions to fast-track your lead magnet success.

Personalised Lead Magnet Review Session for the First 5 Purchasers

A unique opportunity to receive a 30-minute one-on-one review session on your existing lead magnets or ideas for new ones, providing you with tailored feedback and actionable insights

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I had the pleasure of working with Inga a few times now and my most recent experience was her LeadMagnet Magic, and I must say, her service was truly amazing and incredibly helpful.

LeadMagnet Magic provided me with a practical guide for lead magnet creation, which was invaluable as an intuitive entrepreneur navigating the complexities of marketing. Inga’s insights and strategies, whether focused on AI tools like ChatGPT or traditional methods, were instrumental in refining how I connect with my audience.

What sets LeadMagnet Magic apart is not just the guide itself, but the supportive community, the live workshop with Inga herself and the abundance of resources it offers. Thanks to Inga, I gained valuable insights into creating compelling lead magnets, learned how to revitalise existing ones, and even integrated ChatGPT seamlessly into my process.

If you’re looking to enhance your marketing efforts and connect with your ideal customers on a deeper level, I highly recommend working with Inga and securing your copy of LeadMagnet Magic today.


Mahesha Rice

Intuitive Holistic Therapist & Coach

I’m truly grateful for the lead magnet creation workshop led by Inga. As always, she delivered incredibly useful content that was both insightful and practical.

The PDF Guide she provided served as an excellent framework for the workshop, offering valuable reference material for us. Inga’s ability to work with ChatGPT is nothing short of magical; she’s a genuine ChatGPT Whisperer, bringing out its best in ways that can only be described as creating magic.

For those who missed the workshop, they missed out on a transformative experience. Within just an hour, I had completely revamped and upgraded the text for my entire landing page and thank-you page, as well as an entire email sequence. This workshop is a fantastic investment for any online business owner looking to elevate their digital presence!

Kasia Richter, Wellbeing Strategist

I chose the individual leadmagnet magic offer and OMG it was incredible. I learn’t so much, and realised that what I had was gold dust and I wasn’t recognising or promoting my lead magnet enough. I left this session fired up, with social media posts and a system to work with going forward. It was WELL WORTH THE MONEY! A NO BRAINER.

Marcia O'Regan

I recently had the opportunity to delve into Inga’s Lead Magnet Magic Guide, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative! From the outset, the guide was beautifully presented with a unique blend of professional wisdom and personal insight! It was also easy to tailor to the nuanced needs of my business.

The Guide is meticulously crafted, offering deep dives into the art and science of creating effective lead magnets that not only draw attention but also drive conversions. Inga’s innovative yet accessible strategies are easily adapted for any business.

The practical advice, coupled with actionable steps, has been invaluable, providing me with the tools and understanding necessary to make meaningful adjustments to my approach.

The result has been that I’m easily able to create a Lead Magnet that engages and nurtures my prospects, transforming them into dedicated clients.

For anyone looking to enhance their digital marketing strategy and see a real difference in their lead generation and conversion metrics, Inga’s Lead Magnet Magic Guide is an indispensable resource. It represents an investment that pays dividends far beyond its cost, offering not just a boost in revenue but a foundation for ongoing growth and success.

Gayle Edwards

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Secure a personalised lead magnet review session by being among the first 5 purchasers, giving you direct access to expert advice and feedback tailored to your specific needs.

Community & Support

 By securing your copy today, you gain not just LeadMagnet Magic at an unbeatable price, but also an entry into a community that’s eager to support every step of your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ChatGPT knowledge necessary to make the most of LeadMagnet Magic?

Absolutely not. LeadMagnet Magic is crafted to be beneficial regardless of your familiarity with ChatGPT. Our strategies and tips are applicable to any lead magnet creation process, ensuring you can enhance your marketing strategy effectively.

What makes LeadMagnet Magic different from other marketing guides?

More than just a guide, LeadMagnet Magic provides a strategic approach to lead magnet creation, supported by an implementation workshop and access to our Magical Creators membership. This ensures you’re not just learning, but actively applying and benefiting from a supportive marketing community.

What are the dates for Implementation Workshops?

Available dates: 

  • 8th  April 7-8pm BST
  • 18th April 7-8pm BST
  • 25th April 2-3pm BST

What if neither of the dates suits me?

If neither of available dates suits you, more dates will be added later on with the idea to run this workshop at least twice a month, besides you will have 4 weeks inside the Magical Creators community where you can ask for help or attend weekly Q&A calls. 


My name is Inga Deksne,

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My approach goes beyond conventional consulting, as I tap into the core essence of a business, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and align clients’ visions with practical strategies.

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