This article will give you an understanding about the main elements of Instagram reels and what you should focus on. This information will help you create your Instagram reel so it catches your audience’s attention, brings you new followers and engagement.

This is a particular order how you work on your reel.

1. Choose the best topic for your Instagram reel

Before you choose a topic for your next reel, make sure that you have chosen a main theme for your reel presence. Something that you want to be known for.

For instance, my main theme is business growth with subtopics – mindset, energy and business strategy. Mindset has a sub-category – inspiration & motivation.
When to choose a topic for my next reel I check whether it fits under these categories.
While it works for me – these categories are still broad and I would personally benefit from niching down even more but for the time being while I am still in the process of loving reels I am exploring wider options.

Task for you:

  • Think about what zone of expertise you would like to choose.
  • What do you want to be known for
  • Write it down and create sub-categories.

Post them in the comments or come and share them in my free Facebook group ‘Business Growth for Intuitive Entrepreneurs.”

2. Hook - attention grabbing Intro.

Hook – attention grabbing intro so your audience stop scrolling and watch your reel. Never start your reel with hi! It’s (your name) unless you are a super celebrity already.

You can use tools like copy.ai to create Intros aka Hooks for your reels.

Some ideas for your hooks:

  • Attention all [insert your audience – workaholics/ coffee lovers/ intuitive entrepreneurs].
  • Can I tell you a secret?
  • Is it me or …?
  • [x number common/awful mistakes people [in your industry] make …
  • 3 easy ways how to [your topic]
  • Calling all lightworkers [insert your ideal customer]
  • How to [insert your topic] for instance – how to manifest your dreams quicker.
  • Don’t start [doing this] without [knowing this] – Don’t create reels without knowing these steps. “Before you set up any goal for this month, remember…”
  • 7 powerful tools to grow your business [any tools that your ideal audience will find helpful]

3. Powerful Call - to- action for your reel

Call – to- action – what you want them to do. Guiding your audience on their next step. Possible calls to action:

  • Follow for more!
  • Share with somebody who needs to hear this.
  • Remix this reel (respond with your reel).
  • Comment your answer below.

Stick to one call-to-action at a time.

4. Captions to enhance your reel

Use captions to enhance the experience of your reel.
You can share additional tips in the captions, examples to the point you made in the reel itself, you can add additional call to action either to comment on your post or promote your product or services.
Make sure that you include the text in your reel that invites people to read more in the captions.

5. Hashtags- an important addition to your reel

There is a lot of discussion about the amount of hashtags and whether they still work. You need to test what works for you. Current recommendations are:
3-5 hashtags ( I personally use up to 15)
You need to include hashtags that are relevant to your reel content and niche, and describe what you do.

There is a great tool to use for hashtags that I discovered recently

6. Cover photo that tells a powerful story.

You can create a cover photo from any still images from your reel, or you can create a cover photo before starting creating your reel so your reel stands out on your profile.

Cover photo is necessary so you can stand out in your profile grid.

Watch the video below that sums up this article.

These were the main elements of Instagram reel creation, if you want to learn more about my super efficient 8-step Instagram reel creation process read this article.

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