Marina Beech

Simple but efficient way to improve the quality of your day

Marina Beech Soul Alchemist is a Tarot & Soul Reader who uses the Akashic Records, pendulum and intuition to help her clients align and live more effectively to how they’ve been created at Soul level.

Identifying limiting karmic patterns is a speciality and in this session she will facilitate you accessing your own Akashic Record to meet your Akashic Guide and identify and clear the blocks and restrictions that are ready to be released.

Did you know that we have the ability to hugely improve our wellbeing by changing the structure of the water we drink? There is a process called Cymatics which a scientist called Dr Emoto used to prove that water is affected greatly by sound and the words we speak. Given that are physical body contains of approximately 70% water and we are advised to drink at least 2 litres a day, knowing these simple quick techniques will support your physical wellbeing greatly. In this interview I give insight on the negative energies our water can hold and show you 3 quick ways to improve the quality of your water and ultimately your mind, body and soul.

Marina Beech is one of the speakers at The Magical Creators Live Event

The UK’s leading business growth event for Spiritual and Intuitive Entrepreneurs!


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