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When you are a one-woman or one-man band it’s quite difficult to juggle a million things that you need to do, especially when marketing and technologies are involved, and, especially, if technology is not your forte.

Do you find that things are changing rapidly almost on a daily basis in the digital world. It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes even when you work as a social media strategist like me! I can imagine that you must be  under even more pressure and feeling overwhelmed.

Have you attended numerous training events and workshops, and while everything made sense during the classes, as soon as you are on your own you can’t replicate new skills and overwhelm takes over? I get you!

You are not alone, so many business owners like you struggle with seamlessly integrating  their marketing activities into their business on a day-to-day basis, and end up missing on opportunities to attract clients with ease. I have an answer for you!

Business Growth Platform & Social Media Help

for Intuitive Entrepreneurs  who want to achieve personal growth while building a thriving business and social media presence

Magical Creators® is a business growth platform for Intuitive Entrepreneurs who create magic on a daily basis.

Magical Creators® is a place where your dreams become reality, where all the best kept entrepreneurial secrets are shared and put into action.

We are the community of Lightworkers who came to this world to find and fulfill our soul’s calling.

We are committed to our personal and business growth and success.

Our aim is to create impact and leave a legacy.

🎉Magical Creators Online Monthly Party🎉

Connect, Collaborate, and Celebrate at Our Monthly Gathering


Join us every second Thursday of the month at 7 pm UK time for an enriching and engaging experience at the Magical Creators Online Monthly Party.

This event is a cornerstone of the Magical Creators Membership, available across all three membership levels, and can also be accessed separately for just £22.


What to Expect:

Synergy of Shared Wisdom. Our 60-90 minute sessions are more than just an online meeting; they’re a dynamic platform for:

  • Sharing Offers: Present your latest services or products and gain valuable feedback.
  • Seeking Assistance: Tap into the collective wisdom of fellow intuitive business owners for insights and support.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Share your successes and milestones with a community that cheers for you.

Agenda Highlights:


⏱️ 15-Minute Member Presentation: Each session features a presentation by one of our talented Magical Creators members, offering insights and sparking inspiration.

⏱️ Introduce Yourself and Your Offers: A dedicated time for you to showcase your unique offerings and connect with potential clients or collaborators.

⏱️Celebrate Your Successes: We believe in celebrating every win, big or small. Share your recent achievements and bask in the supportive applause of your peers.


The Magical Creators Online Monthly Party is not just an event; it’s a chance to be part of a thriving community of coaches, therapists, healers, and more, all driven by intuition and creativity.

Whether you’re a member or joining just for the evening, you’re in for an experience of connection and growth.

Seize the opportunity to expand your network and amplify your impact with us every month.

Members share their experience:

Cathy Ballard about her experience in The Magical Creators®

🌟 Monthly Business Growth Day: Transforming Goals into Reality 🌟

Navigate Your Path to Success with Our Comprehensive Monthly Workshop


Dive deep into the realms of strategy and implementation with our Monthly Business Growth Day. This 2-hour session is an integral part of all three membership levels – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – and is also available for individual purchase at £44. It’s crafted to guide intuitive business owners like you in transforming ambitions into tangible achievements.


What to Expect:

📅 Focused on Practical Implementation: Beyond just setting goals, we concentrate on how to effectively bring them to fruition.

📅 Reflective and Insightful Analysis: Each session is a time to reflect on the past month’s achievements and lessons, providing a foundation for informed and strategic planning.

📅 Strategising for Success: We collaboratively identify the necessary systems and strategies that are vital for achieving your goals.

📅 The Enchanting Atmosphere of Business Growth Day: Our sessions are charged with a magical atmosphere, fostering inspiration and motivation.

📅 Gain Valuable Insights: Uncover valuable insights about your work and personal development, paving the way to goals that once seemed unattainable.

📅 Collective Wisdom: Benefit from the shared knowledge and support of a community of like-minded intuitive entrepreneurs. 

The Monthly Business Growth Day isn’t just a meeting; it’s a transformative experience that reshapes the way you approach business and personal growth.

Whether included in your membership or as a standalone session, it’s a stepping stone to mastering the art of turning goals into reality.



Every entrepreneurial journey is distinct,and our varied membership options reflect this diversity. The Silver Membership focuses on networking opportunities and planning, laying a solid foundation for growth and community building.

For those seeking more, the Gold Membership steps up with additional weekly group support, enhancing your learning and collaborative experiences. And for entrepreneurs desiring personalised, one-on-one assistance, the Platinum Membership offers individual help tailored to your specific business needs.

Begin a journey of growth, connection, and success with a membership tier that aligns with your stage of entrepreneurial development.

About the founder of the Magical Creators®


My name is Inga Deksne,

I am originally from Latvia, and I moved to London 14 years ago, so am very familiar with how to start again from scratch in an unknown territory.

My social media adventures  started in 2012, since then I have helped many business owners establish their social media presence from scratch. I was called a Social Media expert or guru by people who worked with me, even though it is pleasant to hear I don’t call myself a guru.

In my work, I combine technology, marketing, and intuition. I believe that one cannot exist without another. I am on a journey to explore possibilities offered by modern technologies and I would love you to join me on this journey.


I wouldn’t want to miss any Business & Content Planning Days and they are noted in my calendar way in advance. This is a time where I can reflect on my achievements and steps for the next period, with the expert guidance of Inga and shared view from like-minded entrepreneurs.

I know I would find all sorts of excuses for not doing it if I were to do it by myself. At the end of the day, I have a roadmap of what I need to focus on, what actions I need to take, and how I need to be in order to achieve my goals. I then keep this roadmap visible during the month so that I stay on track.

When I started Magical Creators, I had no idea how valuable these moments would be for my business and for me. Now I cannot recommend it enough!

Isa Dor

I’ve been a member of The Magical Creators for 8 months now. During that time I have learned so much about social media marketing and how all the different platforms work. I’ve also learned a lot from guest speakers, including information around branding, manifesting and clearing money blocks. Inga is always on hand to answer any questions posted in the group, as well as to give advice around personal profiles etc. Her advice has been invaluable in helping me to make myself visible online. The group itself is very supportive and has enabled some great collaborations.”
Melanie Appleyard

I would like to say that working with Inga has been an experience of love support and expansion. Joining Magical Creators had been, for me, a worthwhile investment in myself and my business.

Inga’s caring and intuitive nature, coupled with her expertise has given me the courage to really step up into my authentic space of leadership. Her knowledge of social media marketing is second to none.

The way she runs her membership group is so supportive and extremely helpful, continually pushing you forward for your highest good and best outcome; as long as I put in the work Inga is there to hold my hand.

I would highly recommend Inga and her Magical Creators group for learning, growth and support for my business. Thank you Inga for a magical experience.

Yvonne J Douglas

I was in the Magical Creators group for nearly 2 years and it had been an essential part of growing my business and, of course, myself.
Inga gives help, support and some truly inspired and intuitive guidance that is always perfect.

Sonia Grover

The Magical Creators Membership is a blend of mindset, energy and business strategies.

The membership contains frameworks that help you  increase your social media presence and build an audience on your preferred social media platform.

Special training series with guest experts to help you with your branding, abundance mindset, manifesting powers and many more.


“I want to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO Inga Deksne for her wisdom, patience with me. She has been on at me for a LONG time to do public Facebook lives and I resisted. I did lots in my private groups but none on my business page. I started two days ago under her gentle push and I am so happy. Each time I have done a FB live I have had people buy my Inner Wealth Activator. She has also taught me how to upload the video from Facebook and then upload on my YouTube channel. I just did it and sent it to my list. Being a Mother of 3 small kids under 5 1/2 years old my time is precious, now from that FB live, I have Facebook presence, Twitter, YouTube and content for my newsletter, so fewer blogs and more content for my website. Anyone thinking should they join Inga’s membership group I would say don’t even think about it, just DO IT. Thank you so much, Inga Deksne. The launch of my new product is so successful I am in awe”
Marcia O’ Regan

Choose Your Package

Silver Membership



✔️ Magical Creators Monthly Party (worth £27)

✔️ Monthly Planning session (worth £44)


Gold Membership



✔️ Weekly group Q&A calls (worth £176)

✔️ Monthly Planning session (worth £44)

✔️ Magical Creators Monthly Party (worth £27)

✔️ Digital Profit Toolkit (worth £97)

✔️ Exclusive Facebook group (priceless)



✔️ The ReelLove Ultimate System (worth £97)

✔️ The Inevitable Success Toolkit  (worth £27)


Platinum Membership



✔️ Weekly group Q&A calls (worth £176)

✔️ Monthly Planning session (worth £47)

✔️ Digital Profit Toolkit (worth £97)

✔️ Exclusive Facebook group (priceless)

✔️ One individual 60-minute session or two 30-minute sessions with Inga Deksne per month (worth £297)

*During the individual session we can work on the following topics:

  • social media strategy
  • email funnel
  • paid advertising 


✔️ The ReelLove Ultimate System (worth £97)

✔️ The Inevitable Success Toolkit  (worth £27)

✔️ The Client Attraction Roadmap (£97)

Let’s recap what you get inside the membership!

♥ Weekly Business Growth Calls

♥ Monthly Business Growth Day

♥ Daily Social Media Support

♥ Monthly Challenges to grow your business

♥ Community of supportive like-minded entrepreneurs

The Magical Creators Group is created to meet your business needs and to help you grow.

Every week you can join an online call where your questions will be answered, either related to technology questions, business strategy, Facebook ads, social media marketing tips and coaching around mindset.

So you feel supported and at ease, save a lot of time and head space. By joining the community you can pick and mix any of the regular activities in the group.

Even if you just choose one area to explore over the next 10 days you will see a significant difference in your business.

I have been a member of Inga Deksne Magical Creators Group for some time now and I can honestly say that I have felt greatly supported by Inga and the members of this group as I move forward in my business.
There have been many occasions when I have felt stuck with something relating to Social Media. Inga and the other members are always on hand for support. This week is an example of one of the many times I have benefited from Inga’s weekly calls. I had an issue with my Facebook Page so I hopped on the weekly call with Inga and other members. My problem was resolved within a few minutes getting me back on track to move forward. Inga has a very patient, intuitive way of guiding you through the challenges that can arise in the Social Media world and she always wants you to move forward and succeed. She works from her heart and is one of THE most patient women I know. I highly recommend that you sign up to Inga’s group – you will be so glad you did.
Dervilla Clarke
I can’t speak highly enough about Inga and the Magical Creators group. If social media is holding you back in your business this is definitely the group to join. “I haven’t used Social Media much as I have had my head in my camera for so many years that I was concerned with what I saw, and not what others thought of what I saw. Artists I suppose are like this. I met Inga at a conference a few years back and what struck me most was her questioning of what others did and thought. Not many do this. I appreciate her efforts to extend our access to like-minded people and find ways of increasing our income through the windows of Social Media. She is selfless in her efforts to help and is seemingly prepared to adjust to so many different kinds of energies to find a positive route.”
Jill Orpen

If you have any questions

If you have scrolled down till the end of the page and you don’t feel called to experience the magic of our community even for £10 over 10 days then it may be the case that we are not aligned yet which is perfectly fine!

If you would like to clarify some additional questions you are welcome to book a  complimentary 15-minute chat with me, you can do so by pressing the button below.