“Numbers Party” –


the C.E.L.L.O. process for your business growth!

Grow your business with ease, create more impact and income!

Unleash the magic of numbers!

What’s all the fuss about?

Numbers party – the C.E.L.L.O. process  is a free guide showing you that working with your business numbers can be fun and easy!


You will learn how to read your social media stats and work with your business numbers so you know how to attract new customers and increase your revenue stream.

The best part?
You don’t need to do it alone! You can ask questions in our free Facebook group!

Grab the mic and get the party started!
Get ready to laugh, cry, sing, shout, and maybe even throw your phone across the room!

This document will give give you a process so you know how to read social media stats to understand what works in your business so you can inrease your revenue and impact!

Would you like to work less but create more impact for your audience?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated because your business requires a lot of work with almost no result?

Do you think that working with your social media and business stats is boring (you even can’t stand the idea of doing it)?

Or maybe you would like to understand your numbers but you just don’t know how? Are you ready to change things up in your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the “Numbers Party” document is for you!

No matter where you are in your business – this  document  will show you how to understand and analyse your social media statistics and turn them into actionable marketing strategies.

“Numbers Party – the C.E.L.L.O. process will give you the confidence and knowledge to uncover your digital strategy and create a roadmap with actionable steps to move your business forward.

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My name is Inga Deksne,

I am originally from Latvia, and I moved to London 14 years ago, so am very familiar with how to start again from scratch in an unknown territory. My social media started in 2012, since then I have helped many business owners establish their social media presence from scratch. I was called a Social Media expert or guru by people who worked with me, even though it is pleasant to hear it,  I don’t call myself a guru. In my work, I combine technology, marketing, and intuition. I believe that one cannot exist without another. I am on a journey to explore possibilities offered by modern technologies and I would love you to join me on this journey.