The Abundance Focus Plan

What if you COULD increase your level of abundance and FOCUS consistently on income-generating activities?

The Abundance Focus Plan will help you increase your level of abundance and focus on income generating activities. This plan will help you  identify what is really important for you to live a life of abundance. It will point out areas where you are spending too much time or energy focusing on unimportant areas.

It includes:

In the beginning of the project you need to fill a questionnaire (this information won’t be shared publicly, it will be used to make recommendations);

Then I will create a list of recommendations and you will need to choose only one activity that you will do on a daily basis.

We will connect on WhatsApp or Telegram/Messenger (you can choose) in the mornings when you share your intentions for the day and one practical step towards your abundance plan.( you leave me either a voicemail or write a message)

In the evening you report on progress and share whatever you want to share – voicemail or message. I will send you voicemails with additional recommendations, observations and encouragement.

I will be your Abundance Accountability Partner so to speak.
This will be individual correspondence not the group chat. Just you and me for 30 days.


At the time when I enrolled into the Abundance Focus Plan, I was feeling deflated by the fact that, although I was putting a lot of effort into my business, I couldn’t see the results and the very few sales I had were triggering my fear of lack. 

After talking to Inga, I was ready to apply and focus on an abundance approach that would support and improve my abundance mindset so that I could grow my business with assertiveness and serenity. 

I practiced the Abundance Focus Plan with Inga for 3 weeks. I wanted to manifest a given amount of sales but also to become serene (not waking up thinking about my money issues), confident and achieve my business activities with ease and enthusiasm.

 I was able to reap the benefits of that practice during the time Inga and I worked together! 

My sales goals were met, sometimes in the most unexpected ways!

I appreciated Inga’s regular hints that helped me get into the right feelings and mindset to go about the main activities of my day. 

I got into the habit of writing down my one daily focus and intention and how it went at night.

I kept track of what helped me get in the mood I wanted and now I know I can get back to it whenever I feel lost

With hindsight, I now clearly see that the main issue for me is to work on my mindset, and Inga helped me do just that. I did attract abundance and still am. 

I highly recommend the Abundance Focus Plan to anyone who feels lost, overwhelmed and discouraged in her mission to grow a business they love. It takes time but most of all it takes the right abundance mindset!

Isa Dor

I’ve just finished Inga’s August Abundance Focus Plan and I couldn’t be happier with the all the support I was given and outcomes achieved.  

I was initially drawn to sign up as I knew I needed more accountability with my August business activities as I had a week off planned and would need that extra boost to achieve my goals. Not only this I knew the wealth of channeled insight, ideas and support Inga would provide would be invaluable in me getting there.

Before starting I submitted the realistic and magical intentions I wished to accomplish, which helped focus my daily activities and keep me on track.  

Communication of my daily intentions and plan was easy as we used a voice app which was a really efficient way to stay in touch.  Inga in return would offer support with channeled insight, suggestions and guidance which would either elevate my results or give valuable ideas for next time.  She was always on hand to celebrate my WINS too!!!

I would totally recommend Inga’s monthly plan as her wealth of knowledge, intuition and support is a potent mix which not only had me surpass my results, it also helped me move beyond my comfort zone to expand, achieve and grow.  

Thank you Inga I’ll be definitely signing up again in the future.

Marina Beech

The Abundance Focus Plan was absolutely brilliant for me and my business.

At the beginning, Inga asked me to complete a questionnaire about what I wanted to achieve in August and what I wanted to focus on.

Each day, Inga messaged me to ask what my intention was for that day and then would message later that day to see how I had got in with that intention.

It didn’t have to be all business, but time out and self care were encouraged too when necessary.

Inga was very supportive w and gave suggestions as to how I could go about things differently if the outcome I wanted wasn’t as I had hoped.

The program helped me see what works for me and what doesn’t and gave me a chance to really focus. Having Inga as an accountability buddy was fantastic as I always felt supported as well as lovingly challenged when it was needed.

Thank you Inga. I definitely recommend this for anyone who would welcome this level of support and for anyone who sometimes needs help to really focus on their needs and the needs of their business.

Olwen Jennings

Inga’s Abundance Focus Plan was for me one of the most amazing transformational experiences.

The accountability factor helped immensely with keeping my “abundance focus” on track, but also with developing a habit to have a daily abundance focused activity and take action towards it.

So many wins within one month:

  • I doubled my financial target,
  • received money out of the blue and
  • I became aware of my health being my number 1 abundance priority.

I have also gone through a very profound reset to accept abundance and understand it at a deeper level. An amazing learning path as I learnt to focus on what I want, not on what I don’t have.

This has been key to unblock so many things that had been stuck for long and made space for a better connection with myself and the world.

The process was just magical, especially in a month that, for me, had some additional health challenges.

I totally recommend working with Inga who is amazing at identifying the block and giving you direction towards your next step.’

Corina Petcu

I joined the program even without knowing all the details, however I do have trust in Inga’s creations and ability to deliver results.

My motivation was obtaining accountability in the process of working towards my monthly goal. Inga delivered more than that. Her daily presence, insights and guidance, despite appearing simple and obvious, held immense power and had proven to be the key to the transformation of my mindset.

Inga offers a safe space and nonjudgmental approach to examine your own path, including way of thinking and approach towards your goals. Being witnessed and reminded of your goals has been truly powerful. I have learned that what’s standing in my way is my own mindset, something I have not accepted in the past.

Thanks to my participation in this program, I was motivated to work on my own beliefs and to develop trust and sense of knowing on the deepest level. I changed the way I perceive goals and developed a greater sense of inner peace. Thank you, Inga, for the support!

Kasia Richter

About the Creator of the Abundance Focus Plan


My name is Inga Deksne,

I am originally from Latvia, and I moved to London 13 years ago, so am very familiar with how to start again from scratch in an unknown territory.

I am the founder of the Magical Creators – a Business Growth Platform for business owners who are committed to making their business profitable and want to make a difference in the world!

In my work, I combine technology, marketing, and intuition. I believe that one cannot exist without another. I am on a journey to explore possibilities offered by modern technologies and I would love you to join me on this journey.

How does the Abundance Focus Plan work?

Duration- 30 days from the start date.

You fill in the questionnaire.

Based on your answers you will be given recommendations.

Each morning we will have a 15-min WhatsApp call

Each evening you report on progress.

We communicate through Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram

Choose Your Start Date