The Profit Toolkit

for Intuitive Entrepreneurs
  • Strengthen your mindset.
  • Deal with doubts and remove inner obstacles.
  • Business strategies to authentically reach more people and invite them to work with you!

Hey there, Intuitive Entrepreneur!

  • Are you ready to make your business more profitable?
  • Ready to serve more customers and be financially rewarded for your talents, without the threat of burning out?
  • Are you committed to your success?

The Profit Toolkit is a set of energy, mindset, and business tools that will help you do just that.

Use these simple-to-use strategies to serve more clients while staying in alignment with your energy.



The Profit Toolkit uses the M.A.G.I.C. method:


Mindset is the crucial element to any business success. No matter how much you learn, you won’t be able to use your skills or intuition to create the business of your dreams without it. It is the first core element of The Profit Toolkit.


Your energy determines the quality of your work. Your ability to connect to your soul clients and deliver your best work is affected by your level of alignment. Energy is the second core element.

The Profit Toolkit contains short but powerful meditations to clear blocks, raise your abundance levels and connect to the souls of your future ideal clients.


You must be clear what your gifts are, and what you offer to the people who need your help and expertise, in order to attract your ideal customers.

The Profit Toolkit helps you access that clarity and offers creative ways to authentically present your offers.


The online space is crowded with competing advice on how to run your business and which “success blueprint” to follow. The best solution is always to use your intuition to guide you on which strategies apply in your business.

Intuition is a mental muscle that requires regular use. Follow it to build the ideal business model for you.


Crafting compelling offers is the third core focus of the Profit Toolkit.

No matter how great your gifts, if you are unable to communicate the transformation you offer to your ideal customers, you will remain a “well kept secret”.

I find clients often understand what needs to be done, but struggle to actually implement the required changes.

As the expression goes “What got you here, won’t get you there”. Nothing will change in your life or business without committing to a plan of action.

If you are ready to attract your ideal clients, develop your gifts and apply a client attraction mindset – The Profit Toolkit is for you.


So, a quick reality check:

Does your business financially support you (or is it more of an expensive hobby?

Do you have a consistent flow of clients?

Does your business allow you to create legacy and impact the lives of others?

Are you happy?

The reason you may not have seen real results in your business yet could be:

You know that something needs to change in your business but you’re not sure where to start.

You’ve become overwhelmed and confused by all the latest “business growth hacks”.

You’ve tried so many techniques, without any tangible results, that you have almost given up, and find yourself looking at job adverts hoping to bring some stability into your life.

You are overwhelmed with the constant changes on social media and feel unsure how best to use it for your business.

You have lots of ideas but self-doubt keeps you stuck.

The Profit Toolkit helps you to

  • strengthen your mindset
  • deal with doubts and remove inner obstacles
  • business strategies to authentically reach more people and invite them to work with you


The Profit Toolkit takes as little as 15 minutes a day to reach these outcomes:


Knowing which social media platform to use actively and which one only represents your business.

Knowing which steps to take to generate leads from social media.

Knowing where to focus.​


Having a support group of like minded people.

Creating habits that will make you attractive to your ideal customers.

Tools how to remove your internal blocks.


How to make social media platforms work for your business even if you don’t use them actively.

Tips how to craft your offer and get paid for your expertise.

Guidance how to integrate social media into your business systems.


Systems that generate leads. ​

Focus on desired results.

​Increased income.

Your clients need your expertise.

Your clients need you to step up your entrepreneurial game!

Summer bonuses:

Creativity Workshop – “How to authentically present your offers on social media”

Training on demand – “Meeting your Business Akashic Record Keeper” presented by Marina Beech

Online Q&A session

Social Media Checklists

Sarah Joanne Ashurst

Intuitive Coach

Before I signed up with Inga I was overwhelmed and confused about what I should be focusing on to build my business up social media wise. Since signing up with her I have so much more clarity and I know what to focus on, furthermore she makes everything so clear and is so patient with a technophobe like me! By working on her suggestions I have already made my investment with her twice over and I’ve learnt so much about what you can do to increase your business presence online. If you’re thinking of signing up with her, don’t hesitate, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!

Aodaoin Hathaway,

Dances with Dragons

Working with Inga for the past six weeks has been a totally transformative experience. I am already seeing and acting on new possibilities and expanding my business, and I cannot wait to see where I will be after three months of working with her. Inga brings an extremely supportive, nurturing, no-BS-tolerated energy to her work, and you’ll end up going deep, looking at all the places where you’ve held yourself back, and then be dusted off and set on a new and shining path!

The Profit Toolkit is for you if

You want to serve more people without the threat of burning out.

You want to create a client attraction system that works for you

You are tired of working long hours without seeing substantial return on your efforts.

You want to have access to energy and mindset toolkit that you can apply in your business from day one

You are committed to creating changes in your business and life.

The Profit Toolkit consists of three core elements:


Mindset tools and exercises building motivation, generating revenue and growing sales.

Mindset tools to help you achieve positive change in your daily life.


Meditations to remove inner obstacles.

Energy alignment exercises.

Meditations to connect with your soul clients.

Business strategies

To craft your offers.
Supercharge your landing page.
How to use paid reach strategies.
Your own Client relationship system.

Your clients need your expertise. Your clients need you to step up your entrepreneurial game!

Hi, I am Inga. I have created this Profit Toolkit as I have seen so many talented clients of mine struggling with not being able to attract ideal clients despite showing up consistently on social media.

In my work I combine my intuitive guidance and technical skills, as well as business and social media strategies helping my clients to make their business profitable and enjoyable.

I am originally from Latvia, and now I live in my soul city London, UK together with my grownup kids.


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