The Social Media 

Success Score Card

Your 12-week Commitment Plan

Have you ever wanted to increase your reach and impact through social media platforms? If so, this document is designed to help  make it happen!

Don’t settle anymore for average results when it comes to your social media accounts! With the Social Media Success Scorecard, you can be confident that all of your efforts will pay off.


This easy-to-use document lets you assess and track your progress on your social media platforms over three-month periods.

Weekly tracking helps to give insight into how successful your strategies are and shows you where there’s room for improvement.

With the Social Media Success Scorecard, there’s no need to waste time spinning your wheels because it gives you a tangible look at what aspects of your presence are doing well – and which ones aren’t.


This Document contains


Instructions how to use the Document


Social Media Success Scorecard demo


A digital copy of the Social Media Success Scorecard that can be customised


Social Media Success Scorecard Tracking table


Printable versions of both the Scorecard and tthe Tracking Table

The Social Media

Success Scorecard

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About Inga Deksne, the creator of the Social Media Success Scorecard:

Hi I am Inga! I am originally from Latvia and moved to London 15 years ago.

Since my online marketing journey began back in 2011 I have helped thousand business owners

I establish their social media presence from scratch and help them attract their ideal clients.

I have been dubbed the “Social Media Angel” by my clients, as I free them from the overwhelm and frustration caused by the ever-changing social media landscape.

I combine technology, marketing, and mindset as I firmly believe that one cannot exist without another.

My mission is to help business owners make their business more profitable and enjoyable. Happy business owners can create bigger impact in the world.