The Social Media Presence Booster  – Holiday Edition


7-Day Challenge to prepare your social media platforms for Christmas.

If you are an Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneur, you know that how you FEEL impacts, not only your work, but also the people around you. Christmas is a busy enough time without worrying about what to post.

You may want to disappear from social media altogether. You deserve a break!

However, social media doesn’t take a holiday. If you disappear from the surface it will be difficult to regain your organic reach you have built all year.

I have a solution to not only maintain your social media presence but boost it so you can enjoy your well-deserved break.


Join me for the  7 Day “Social Media Presence Booster” Challenge.

Starts on 9th December for 7 days.

During these 7 days we will work on:

  • Content creation and scheduling for the rest of December
  • Set up a Messenger Chatbot.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Creating Stories (Instagram or Facebook)
  • Increasing revenue streams!

Most importantly you will learn how to use social media to generate income without needing to spend 24/7 there.

Your investment is only £10.

PLUS you will have access to my membership group “The Magical Creators” and welcome to join in with all our membership activities amd meey like-minded people.


About your host Inga Deksne

Inga moved to London from a small Baltic country Latvia in 2008.

Her social media journey started in 2012, since then she has helped many business owners establish their social media presence from scratch.

She has created High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create a huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business.

She shows them that running your business can be easy and enjoyable when you create systems that work for your business model and your personality.