The Social Media Presence Booster – Holiday Edition

Online Bootcamp for Intuitive Entrepreneurs to prepare your social media platforms for the festive season.

30th November – 7th December

The festive season is a time of joy and connection, but as an intuitive entrepreneur, you’re well aware that your energy and feelings significantly influence both your work and those around you. With Christmas being notably hectic, the last thing you need is the stress of social media management.

You may want to disappear from social media altogether. You deserve a break!

However, social media doesn’t take a holiday. If you step away, it can be challenging to regain the momentum and presence you’ve established.

I offer a solution to not only maintain but also enhance your social media presence without the need to create post during your holiday time. This way, you can enjoy your well-deserved break without starting from scratch in the new year.

Join me for the 7-day Social Media Presence Booster Online Bootcamp

Starts on 30th November ( you can join any time)

Over the Course of 7 Days, You Will Experience:

Three Interactive Zoom Meetings (Recorded for Convenience)

  • Participate in live sessions focused on hands-on content creation.
  • Develop and refine your posts with real-time guidance and support.
  • Learn effective strategies for various content types, including text, images, and video.

Content Creation and Scheduling Using the ReelLove Method

  • Master the art of storytelling that resonates with your audience.
  • Create a comprehensive content calendar for December, ensuring consistent engagement.
  • Learn effective strategies for various content types, including text, images, and video.

How to Use AI for Authentic Content Creation

  • Discover how AI tools can enhance and streamline your content creation.
  • Maintain your unique voice while leveraging AI for efficiency and impact.
  • Practical demonstrations on integrating AI into your content strategy.

Your Bootcamp ticket

Free for members

For Silver, Gold or Platinum members of the Magical Creators.


Your ticket includes 10 days inside the Magical Creators Gold membership.

About your host Inga Deksne

Inga moved to London from a small Baltic country Latvia in 2008.

Her social media journey started in 2012, since then she has helped many business owners establish their social media presence from scratch.

She has created High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create a huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business.

She shows them that running your business can be easy and enjoyable when you create systems that work for your business model and your personality.