Supercharge your Manifestation Powers 

Start your Week with the Manifestation Queen Melanie Moore!

Starting June 1st Melanie will be taking you through the three essential steps to manifesting your dreams.

During the three days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) at 10 am Melanie will take us through each of the steps.

You are also invited to join Melanie’s Vision Boarding Masterclass on Thursday at 8pm where she will also answer any of your manifesting and law of attraction questions.

All activities will take place inside the Magical Creators Online Community. You will be able to experience all benefits of full membership for 10 days.

(This offer is valid only for new members or members whose membership expired at least 12 month ago.)

Join us for Supercharge your Manifestation Powers with Melanie Moore!

Starts on 1st June Mon-Wed  at 10:00 am BST

Next week you will have access to

  • 3 livestreams with Melanie
  • 7 days to  to catch up with replays
  • Social Media and Business Workshop on Tuesday 2 pm BST
  • Masterclass with Melanie at 7pm on Thursday
  • Content and Action Planning Day on 5th June (value £97)
  • All activities within Magical Creators Membership group. 

About your host Inga Deksne and Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore is the UK’s leading Vision Board expert and award winning coach.

She inspires her clients to tap into their Big Vision, and gives them the mindset tools to change the trajectory of their lives.

She helps people at a crossroads in their life to get clear on their Big Vision, then to commit to this vision by taking bold action towards their goals and creating their dream life.

She is the host of Big Vision TV and the creator of Transformational Neural Technique ® Melanie is on a mission to help millions of people to dream bigger, think bigger and act bigger.

Inga moved to London from a small Baltic country Latvia in 2008.

Her social media journey started in 2012, since then she has helped many business owners establish their social media presence from scratch.

She has created High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create a huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business.

She shows them that running your business can be easy and enjoyable when you create systems that work for your business model and your personality.