It doesn’t matter whether you believe in Astrology or not, these 5 powerful business lessons will be useful for you if you want to become visible to your ideal audience on social media. 

You’ve probably heard that if you want to be found on the Internet you need to produce content.

Sometimes we write a blog or two, do occasional Facebook Live and from time to time upload a video on YouTube.

The reason why I’ve chosen Astrologers as an example is because they have to show up consistently. If you don’t know there are 12 Zodiac signs and astrologers provide 12 forecasts every single month, one for each sign. 

It doesn’t matter if you believe in astrology or you think that horoscopes are a lot of rubbish, but I bet you would like to have over 100K subscribers on your YouTube channel. Below I have listed my top three astrologers, and all of them have over 100K subscribers.

By looking at my favourite astrologers I have summed up 5 powerful business tips that we all can learn if we want to grow our audiences. 

Lesson 1 – Consistency

They create a minimum of 12 videos every single month. There is no option to create less than 12 purely because there are 12 Zodiac signs, and it would be weird if some of the signs don’t have their readings. 

It requires discipline and planning. If you are a creative or spiritual entrepreneur most likely that words like discipline make your toes curl but if your business is not fully booked yet you need to look at how consistently you show up with your marketing activities. 

 In my membership group “Magical Creators” we will be running “The Power of 12” campaignsee details here.

Lesson 2 Compelling offer

They don’t just give the reading they all have a compelling offer either to visit the website and book a more-in-depth-session or sign up for their email list.

Now reality check – when was the last time when you gave a compelling reason for people to sign up for your newsletter?

Lesson 3 Call to Action

Even when there is no particular offer they always remember to remind their viewers to subscribe to their channel, like the video and leave a comment.

You always need to give your audience a call to action. Before posting anything on social media you need to have clarity of the purpose of your post.

Lesson 4 Catchy headlines

How  you present your content determines how much interest it will generate.

It can be very simple and somebody will be drawn to it,


It can be very simple and somebody will be drawn to it

You can add an exciting adjective.

Or you can include a little preview in your title so people would be drawn to your video.

Lesson 5 Competition free approach

There are so many astrologers, so many videos on the same topic but it doesn’t stop them to show up every single month because they know that there are enough opportunities for everyone, and by showing up consistently they have a chance to showcase their style and personality, and people will choose who they resonate with.

Let me share my top 3 – by the way I am not fanatical about astrological prediction but I love being informed about planetary influence on our life and adjust my activities accordingly when possible. The astrologers below are the ones that I watch on regular basis they are my favourite. 

My all time favourite is Kelly Rosano, I like her style, I like that she channels information and she brings a lot of coaching elements into her forecast. I like her personality and how she presents the information. She has over 276K subscribers so we definitely can learn from her.

You can check her channel here 

Visit her website, she has some training around YouTube as well, Kelley is so much more than astrologer https://kelleyrosano.com  (by the way, I am not an affiliate, just a fan)

My second favourite is Barbara Goldsmith, she uses visual material explaining planetary work, and she seems so lovely in her videos that I can listen to her all day long.

She also does a lot of livestreams and she is very savvy with social media presence. 

Here is Barbara’s channel 

You can find more information on Barbara’s page https://yourastrologysigns.com


I’ve been watching videos from Kelley and Barbara every single month religiously, for about two years, from time to time I watch other astrologers based on their catchy titles. Recently I started paying more attention to Annie Botticelli – because she has introduced a lot of demo options in her presentation and it is interesting to watch besides it allows you to learn more about astrology. I find her style captivating and it differs from anyone else. Annie has less subscribers than the other two but still it is over 50K – a a lot of us are dreaming about having at least 1000 followers, right. Check Annie’s website www.anniehelpsyou.com


I hope you found these 5 powerful business lessons inspirational, and you would like to increase your presence on social media and want some support with it.  Join Magical Creators and participate in “The Power of 12”