I wanted to share with you how you can use the Clubhouse app for your business even if you don’t use it yet. My intention is to help you see how this new platform can benefit your business. 

I have divided it into fives ways how the Clubhouse App can be integrated in your business:


“Zero impact”

If you haven’t joined the app or you can’t join it yet because you are on an Android device and the moment Clubhouse app is available only for IOS users.

If you have joined the app but haven’t explored. Nothing wrong with it especially if it is your conscious choice. Don’t let FOMO (fear or missing out) drive you crazy.  Accept it as a choice that you are not going to use the Clubhouse as a business strategy (at least for now).



“Learning vault”

You use the Clubhouse App to attend different rooms to learn from experts. You use it as a sole strategy without running your own rooms or participating as a speaker. Your business will benefit only if you apply the gained knowledge into practice.

This approach allows you to build your network faster only if you join the stage and ask questions.
By asking great questions you bring value to both the moderator and the listeners of the room.


“Networking Hub”

You can build your network by attending various rooms; following people and connecting with them on Instagram and continuing conversations.  Even if you don’t run your own rooms, by participating in discussions you can draw attention to you and connect with other members.

To maximise your presence through a networking approach you need to have a compelling profile bio.

“Expert platform”

If you want to maximise your presence on the Clubhouse and establish yourself as an expert – you either participate as a guest speaker in other people’s rooms or create your own rooms and run them on your own or invite co-hosts.

I run my networking rooms for

Intuitive Entrepreneurs every Wednesday at 13:30 GMT

Intentional way

In the beginning you may find yourself spending endless hours on Clubhouse app, and your business growth may get neglected. This is ok, everyone goes through two phases either doesn’t interact at all (fearing that the time will be wasted) or goes all in and spends hours and hours – this is temporary, after that you need to be intentional about how much time you spend and which rooms you attend. 

You don’t need to have a lot of followers. I’ve seen people boasting that they have loads and loads of followers, this is not what the platform is about – it is more about building deeper connections. 

If you need to see a step-by-step guide with screenshots  about the Clubhouse  App – visit this website www.clubhouseguide.com

Find me and connect with me on Clubhouse App @ingalondon 



Bonus tips for using Clubhouse App for business.

Here are additional tips that will help you rock your Clubhouse experience.

Pat Flynn is my absolute here on many aspects of online business, in his video he shares his tips on how you can use Clubhouse app.