It is time for healers and other spiritual and intuitive entrepreneurs to step up and show up but not at your own expense. There is nobody handing out food for free, so we, business owners, still need to earn money. Especially, when not everyone will get financial support from the government. 

The thing is as a heart lead entrepreneur you may think that it is unethical to sell your services when the world is dealing with a crisis. If you don’t like sales in general then now you will use the current circumstances as an excuse not to make offers.

Remember, your business still needs to generate income, crisis or not crisis.

You still need to serve your customers. The main thing now is not to retreat and wait for it to be over.


Take digital inventory.

Look through your all free giveaways. You may want to touch them up and offer them more frequently.


Create new giveaways.

Tune into current challenges of your audience. What is it that they need the most at the moment. A meditation that will help with anxiety, checklists of activities to keep the vibration high, tapping videos, maybe, a series of new training. You will be able to offer your skills for free and at the same time to grow your list and build relationships with your audience. The main thing here is keep it simple, if creating your giveaway requires you to spend weeks it’s not worth it doing it now. 

If you have a podcast or you have written a lot of articles or created YouTube videos, put them together in one place and offer it in exchange for an email address.


Curate other people’s content.

If you don’t have your free giveaway it’s your wake-up call to have one, but in the meantime you can curate other people’s content and use it to grow your list.

You can create the top 20 podcasts to listen to now (you can put a list of top podcasters in your industry) or top 10 books you can read while self-isolating. You provide value by collating the useful content and giving exposure to podcasters. It’s a win-win.


Memberships and digital courses.

If you have a membership but you open doors to new members only a few times a year, you can make an exception and invite new members to join your community now. 

If you wish you can offer it for free for a certain period of time. 


Virtual Summits.

A great way to build your email list is organising virtual summits. I would recommend starting with a limited number of speakers 8-20 so it is easier to organise.

You can have pre-recorded sessions then it’s easier to deliver your seminar, or you can gather all speakers for one day and deliver their talks live – it makes all the logistics easier. 

You offer talks for free while summit is running and sell recordings after that.

I have run a virtual summit with 38 experts and currently offering all interviews for an attractive price. 

Business Growth Online Toolkit

After the free online summit I have created a digital product for spiritual and intuitive entrepreneurs “The Business Growth Online Toolkit” – a series of 38 interviews with leading experts, topics include – mindset, business strategies, energy work and meditations.


Virtual office hours.

I’ve seen some people offering their services for free in the groups, for a couple of hours a day they are answering people’s questions for free. It’s a good strategy to demonstrate your skills but make sure that you are not doing at your own expense and not overgiving. 


Webinars and masterclasses

Running webinars and masterclasses is a good way to built your email list if you are offering them for free, or you can charge for them too and repurpose later as a standalone digital course. 


Your services.

Keep offering your services, maybe, you can come up with new services that are especially needed right now. 

Because of unusual circumstances I have resumed my 90 minuted sessions that were discontinued two years ago.

I am offering a 90 minute session “Invigorate your Buisness with a digital Makeover Session” 

It takes place on Zoom.

During the 90 min session:

💎 we will look at your current products or services to see what needs to be changed or whether you need to create brand new offers.

💎 I review all your social media platforms and will identify your top 3 platforms that you need to focus on to attract customers.

💎 I will give you recommendations how you can present your current offers on social media.

💎 you will receive an actionable plan based on my knowledge and intuition, this plan can be implemented within the next 30 days.

💎 you will get 30 days free membership in The Magical Creators where I will help you to implement your Action plan,

The investment is £297. 


I won’t be able to help everyone, I need to “feel” your business that’s why a 15 min conversation is vital – message me here  or WhatsApp +44777369 2762

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