In this article you will be presented with super easy Instagram reels ideas for your business success.
You will learn about different types of reels, so you can choose the ones that align with your personality & business goals.

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There is a huge variety of reels that you can create, I will present just some of them to start with.

The level of difficulty depends on whether you feel comfortable on camera, how familiar you are with editing tools etc. I will indicate the level of difficulty for each of the types.

Lip syncing is a very popular type of Instagram reel

You use the sound and create a video where you lip sync the text. You can adapt these sounds to highlight or promote your services.
If you use the trending sound most likely your reel will get more views.

Difficulty level – it is easy if you feel comfortable acting out and being on camera.
If you are camera shy you may find it awkward.
Here you need to act it out and pretend as if you are talking.
This can be a fun way to promote your services.

Music - movement - text - a powerful combination for a reel

Use trending music or well-known tune, make some moves (dance if you dare) and write up a sentence (it can be a quote)

Difficulty level – depends on how you feel about dancing. It can be a lot of fun and you can combine it with a business message – especially in the captions.

I like dancing. When I worked at school in Latvia I even performed on stage with my colleagues but when it comes to dancing on reels I simply can’t repeat any moves that’s why I have given up on the idea of dancing on the screen but at the same time it’s great to bring some elements of fun. I might challenge myself and create a reel that would involve dancing.

The reel below is my weak attempt to dance but it felt liberating.

Talking to your camera - the simplest way to start with reels

This is the easiest way you can start with your reels. The main thing is to add dynamic elements to your video.
Remember you don’t need to film your reel in one go. To change scenes you can record various snippets within one minute and put them together so it looks like one continuous video.
Here is the basic reel editing video.

You can add closed captions on the screen so people who watch without the sound can understand what you are talking about.
You can add text on the screen highlighting the main idea of what you are talking about.

Difficulty level – easy.

Usually when I create a 3-tip video I write each tip on the screen but I add information in between these main sentences.

Perfect reel types when you don’t want to be on camera

Quotes/ Mantras/ Affirmations used for reels

You can use pictures as background for your quote – it doesn’t need to be a video. You can use ready-made templates on Canva.
You can upload a video from pexel.com and add your quote as a text inside the reel.

Difficulty level – super easy.

Memes may help your reel go viral

According the  Sproutsocial

“A meme is an image or video that represents the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience. Most memes are captioned photos intended to elicit humour. However, there are many viral video memes too. Memes are a worldwide social phenomenon, and an increasingly important aspect of viral marketing and social engagement.”

I personally find it hard to be humorous and witty. If your sense of humour is great you can come up with your own memes or you can use ready-made memes from Canva.

As I am busy working on the bootcamp material I created this meme on Canva and published on my reels. It is brand new so I don’t know whether it will perform well.

Video with camera facing away from you for beautiful reels

While you are walking in the park, or working at your desk, you can do a quick video with a camera facing away from you.

Difficulty level – easy.

Stock video as a creative solution for reel creation

You can use a free photo and video stock website pexel.com to download your videos. If the length is longer than you need you can trim it inside the reel.
Difficulty level – moderate.

If the video doesn’t require any additional editing it can be quite easy. Sometimes I use tools like Camtasia to add more transitions to the video.
The reel below was created using video footage from Pexel and Camtasia software.

Templates to simplify your real creation process

You can use templates from Canva.
You can replace colours and text and keep the visual outline.

You can use the template inside Instagram then you will see a label “use template”

There are more interesting template solutions on TikTok – you can create a video there and then use snaptik.app  to remove TikTok watermark.

Use Reel Remix feature to increase your visibility.

This is a feature where you can respond to somebody else’s video – these are also called reaction videos. You can use them as a reaction video broadcasting your reaction. Or you can play the original video first and then add your response or comment. It’s a good way to get more visibility by piggybacking on trending videos. I personally haven’t used them that often.


You can remix your own video to add additional information or reaction.

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