Social media has become an integral part of our businesses, however some business owners are chasing the wrong metrics – number of followers, likes on the posts etc. It’s important to have large following on your social media platforms but more important is to grow your business, and large following doesn’t always translate into large profits.

If you are a business owner who wants to grow your business then you don’t want to participate in the popularity contest and collect likes on your posts. Your social media activities need to bring you real results, and in this article I will cover some of the ways how to make sure that you are growing your business through social media.

Indicators that your Social Media activities are bringing you results are:

  • You have built relationships with people;
  • Your brand is recognised;
  • Your email list is growing;
  • Your customer base is growing;
  • You are getting speaking gigs or any other collaboration offers.

Below there are 3 steps that you need to implement in order to grow your business using social media.

3 steps to getting results from social media

Step 1

You need to have systems in place, namely,



You need to be able to offer your followers the opportunity to work with you on a deeper level, it can be a low-priced offer or high-end ticket offers.


Email marketing system.

Social media platforms are noisy, and it’s a rented territory, if you want to build more meaningful relationships you need to invite people to continue conversation with you through email communication.


Conversion system.

You need to have your own process how followers can become paying customers if they choose. Is it easy to become your customer? Do people can recognise that you are able to solve their problem, and if yes, it is easy for them to enrol, or they have to figure out.


Payment system

It may seem too simplistic but is it easy to pay you money?
Some business owners are dreaming of getting customers while they sleep but they do nothing to make it happen.
It’s nice to have engagement and likes on your posts, but you cannot pay bills in likes.
Getting the fundamentals right determines whether you have a sustainable business or an expensive hobby.

Step 2

Social Media presence


You need to choose one or maximum two social media platforms where you are proactively and consistently building relationships with your followers, and you have integrated systems that I’ve mentioned above.

Step 3

Excitement and Curiosity


Be excited and curious about your activities on social media. If you do it only because “you are supposed to use social media” but you don’t enjoy it, you are better off using different marketing approaches to become visible to your ideal audience.

Be curious, what your audience wants to know; be inquisitive which of the images and captions resonate the most, and then you will see how you start getting real results from your social media activities.

If you need a fresh perspective how you can attract more customers through social media, or even discover new ways how you can grow your business in more enjoyable and profitable way, apply for my complimentary strategy session “Bring Sparkle to your Business”