Many people are familiar with decluttering of the physical environment. Though in our digital age there is a lot of virtual clutter around us. While overflowing inbox may cause a slight sense of overwhelm your digital debris on your website can cause some serious damage to your business.

Digital clutter can be made of broken or outdated links on your website. Obsolete information and expired offers.

I’m talking from experience.

Every Sunday I invite my followers on Instagram and Facebook to review their week. Mainly it is referred to look at social media performance.

This time I’ve decided to pay closer link to my website in particular. Depending on how old your website is it is practically impossible to go through each link and check whether it’s broken or not. My website is 3 years old and in the past I created a lot of posts, so a manual approach was out of the question.

I have found a great WordPress plugin for that Broken Link Checker. It is easy to install but if you need additional help here is a great article how to do it

Next step is to go through your posts and check the content. It can be time consuming below there are some suggestion how you can make it happen.

Many of my article are explaining how to get results on social media, and Facebook in particular. Facebook is notorious for making constant updates, a lot of information that was true three years ago is useless today.

I’ve started with my very first post which required changes because Facebook has changed the way how you can add “Facebook Like Box” on your website. If your potential fans don’t have opportunity to like your Facebook page without leaving your website you want to read my first article – its updated version.

Most likely it’s unrealistic to go through all your blog posts in one go. I have up with a 5-step solution:

1. Scheduling

Schedule time in your calendar when you are going to look through your blog posts. What gets scheduled gets done!

2. Evaluation

Make a quick decision whether a post is evergreen, whether it needs tweaking or it can be deleted completely. Those that needs tweaking – put the diary in your calendar when you are going to do it. Add the link to the post that you are going to work on it will save you time.

3. Inventory

While you are going through your blogs create an inventory of your blogs, making notes whether the content is evergreen or seasonal.

4. Distribution list

Make a plan how you are going to distribute links to your blog posts across your social media platforms. It’s not enough if you share your blog once, especially evergreen content.

5. Implementation

There are different ways how you can present the link to your blog – it can be graphics, it can be short videos etc. You need to decide whether you are doing it yourself (then schedule time for that) or you outsource it.

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