If you don’t consider running Facebook ads at all then this article won’t be of interest to you. Though I personally believe that Facebook ads can accelerate business growth when used correctly.

Even though Facebook ads management is one of the services I offer to my clients I support idea that  you don’t need to hire anyone to run Facebook ads for you, you can learn it yourself, Facebook has created a lot of free training to equip you to be able to spend money on Facebook ads.

I would even recommend educating yourself how Facebook ads work before you hire any expert.

I have free training available.

Outsourcing Facebook ads management will save you time and it can help you avoid costly mistakes but before you decide on how much you shall pay for Facebook ads services you should know that if somebody promises you that they will get you exact results as they got for themselves or for they clients they are not telling you the truth, nobody can guarantee specific results for your particular business as there are so many variables involved that it’s almost impossible to predict exact results.

To create an ad itself is not complicated – I am creating ads for members for the Magical Creators community within 15 minutes and it cost them £47/month as a membership fee.

Testing what works with your ads is the whole process on its own. As I’ve mentioned before there are different variables in your ads, in order for your ad to work you need to have: 

An irresistible offer for the right audience that catches their attention.

If any of the elements is not working your ad won’t bring you optimum results and it will cost you a lot of money.

The purpose of an image or video in your ad is to catch people’s attention, so they stop scrolling and read the copy of the ad. If they feel compelled they click on your ad.

If it turns out that your landing page is not converting then you will be paying a lot of money for ads that technically work well but they don’t translate into return for you because the copy of the landing page is not compelling enough.

Sometimes your ads don’t work because the audience is not right or they haven’t heard enough about you or from you.

So when you hire someone to run your Facebook ads you effectively don’t hire them to create Facebook ads but you hire someone to look at the whole system to make sure that your Facebook ads are profitable.


Some Facebook ads service providers require the minimum spend because in majority of cases the more you spend on ads the better results you get, besides very often in the beginning when you are testing ads the return is not immediate and you need to invest some amount of money before you see any return.

When I work with my clients I approach the ad creation process holistically, and I tune in into their personality and business.

Besides I don’t require the minimum spend because in the past I have worked with clients who didn’t have huge budgets for the ads and it allowed me to learn how to get maximum return from their launching campaigns.

One of my clients spent £500 on Facebook ads and made £14K as the result of the creating the whole campaign that included pre sale and after sales processes.

Facebook ads alone won’t bring you results if you don’t have the right system in place.

When you decide how much money you want to invest into getting your Facebook ads done you need to understand what kind of services you would like to receive and what you can expect. You need to understand that Facebook ads are not a magic pill if something is not working in your business. Facebook ads won’t fix it.

I personally need to be excited with my clients’ work because I immerse myself in their world and if their product or personality doesn’t excite me I can’t help them no matter how much money I am offered.

  • So before you outsource Facebook ads:
  • Learn at least basic principles of Facebook ads.
  • Be clear what outcomes you want and what needs to be in place to make it happen
  • Agree on what kind of support you would like to receive during the contract duration.

When you decide on the investment – each provider has their own pricing, and the cheapest one doesn’t mean that it can be the best one, however if Facebook ads manager is building their portfolio their prices can be lower.

Some providers can ask for a base payment, plus percentage from sales and a minimum spend. If your budget allows this arrangement can be very beneficial for you.

You need to evaluate how investing in Facebook ads can further your business in near future and in general.


If you would like to explore how I can help you to run your ad campaign book a call with me and together we can look whether you are ready to use Facebook ads for your business. Here is the link to my calendar.