I’ve never done bagels before, but I loved buying them in the shops or ordering in the restaurants with creme fraiche and smoked salmon. 

It never occurred to me to make them before because it seemed difficult. 


Here comes the first lesson in business:


How many times have you postponed introducing anything new in your business only because it seemed difficult?

Consider it as an invitation to give it a try.

When you want to bring new elements in your business you start by following somebody’s blueprint (or recipe when it comes to bagels).

In the beginning you may doubt yourself not knowing whether you will achieve a great result.

Business lesson #2 


Self-doubt is absolutely UNNECESSARY

it will only slow you down. Self-doubt is like poison for your self-esteem. You need to eliminate it straight away the moment it occurs.

When I work with my clients on their launches I make sure that their mindset is on point and we work through any elements of self-doubt or self-sabotage. 

Whatever results you will get, it will be valuable for you. You will learn and create your own process.

When I made my first batch of bagels I didn’t know what to expect, they turned out to be tasty but not exceptional. During the first attempt I’ve noticed what I can do differently next time. 

The very following day I created a new batch taking into account my findings from the previous experience, my new bagels were out of this world – I couldn’t believe that I’d managed to create something so tasty. 

I didn’t stop there – my ultimate goal was to make my favourite kind of bagels – bagels with onions, I couldn’t find the exact recipe for it or buy dried fried onions to experiment. I needed to trust my intuition and my desire to expand on my existing skills. 

To cut a long story short – I created everything from scratch and followed my own guidance, they turned out delicious. 

Business lesson #3


Experiment with your strategy

It may never be created before but if you are internally guided follow that voice, be brave and enjoy the result. 

Some additional reminders:

• Don’t be put off by your initial mistakes;
• Previous success doesn’t guarantee the same results, still keep showing up.
• Follow somebody’s guidance but follow your intuition and create your own process that works for you and your business.
• Be brave to create your own “recipes”
• Share your successes – sometimes it is easier to share your culinary talents than your business talents, share away.

I would love to hear your successes – either business or personal, please share them below.