This article will be useful for you if you use or plan to use Instagram for business, and if you haven’t embraced reels as a part of your marketing strategy yet, and feel somehow reluctant to even entertain the idea of learning more about this topic, you are in the right space.

What is a Reel?

For a long time I considered Reels as a necessary evil. I understood that Instagram will give you more visibility if you use Reels but I was telling myself that


  • I am not a natural entertainer;
  • It takes a lot of time to put it together;
  • I can’t dance in front of the camera.

Does it sound familiar?

But I reminded myself that after all I am an entrepreneur, and we entrepreneurs are willing to go an extra mile to serve our customers.

Marketing is serving your future clients, it’s your duty to let people know how you can help them.

I have created this article to share my triple “E” process that I use for myself and my clients.
I am not a reel fanatic or expert, I am a business owner who wants to embrace modern technologies so I can reach more people and be able to serve them.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you are doing. if nobody knows about it.

Before we dive in, ask yourself – what is your attitude towards reels or short entertaining videos.

Whether you are on Instagram or not, short form dynamic videos have taken the world by storm. I would recommend changing whatever limiting stories you are telling yourself and finding the ways how to make reels a part of your marketing strategy.

I’ve decided to replace my previous statements with more empowering ones: from I am not a natural entertainerto  reels give me an opportunity to explore my creativity;

From “it takes a lot of time to put it together” to It may take time in the beginning but the more I do it the better I become.

(please scroll down where I am sharing examples how you can do reels quickly)

I can’t dance in front of the camera. Even if it is true – I don’t need to dance to make a great reel.


One more warning – don’t try to make any single post as a reel just for reel making sake. Start with 1 a week and then you can increase the frequency.


3 ways or the Triple “E” process

how to make reels part of your marketing strategy

Educate yourself.

Allocate time in your calendar when you just spend 15 minutes now and then and watch reels. Make notes about what you liked, how it made you feel etc.

At this point don’t try to figure out how to do it. Just observe. Those reels that you liked the most you can save, and you can replicate.

By the way there is no shame in replicating somebody’s moves or tricks. Some people will see you doing that particular video for the first time, always bring your own twist on everything but repeating somebody’s idea can work for you.

For instance, I love these two reels and at some point in the future I would love to use this approach, it is just so cool.

I also love watching Dr Julie’s reels – they are very educational and easy to watch – she doesn’t dance but she makes her storytelling visual.


Next step is to start experimenting. You can use built in tools inside the Reels on Instagram or you can create a video separately and upload it directly in the Reels.

My most viewed reel was created on Canva and it took me 5 minutes.



Don’t worry about the numbers. Some of your reels will get a lot of views, some will flop in terms of the viewership. Your only task is to have fun.

Don’t compare yourself with others, or try to figure out whether it brings you clients. Create a 100 reels just for fun to increase the possibility to learn.


If you think that it takes too much time to prepare one reel, remember that you can repurpose it and use on other platforms. For instance, I have used my reel as a short video on YouTube and it became the most watched video on my channel.

If you want to get additional guidance on how reels can become a part of your marketing strategy, you are welcome to book a complimentary call with me where I will be able to point you in the right direction.

Below there are some Reel examples from members of the Magical Creators community. Make sure that you connect with them.


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