You’ve probably heard that social media is vital for your business success, especially now when we are enduring social isolation. Having an account on a social media platform doesn’t automatically mean that is your profitable business tool.

If you are a one-person band,being equally successful on all social media platforms is almost impossible. Posting the same link or post across all platforms doesn’t mean that you are active on those platforms, just present. There’s nothing wrong in dumping your links everywhere but you cannot be upset that social media doesn’t work for you despite your “active presence”.

You need to be intentional which platforms you are going to use as a placeholder and which will be your profitable business tools.

Placeholder social media platform is a platform where you have an account but you don’t use it for relationship building and if you are not consistent with your presence.

(For instance, last month my placeholder platforms were LinkedIn and Twitter.) You can change the role of each platform on a month by month basis.

Social Media Audit helps with

  • giving data on which social media platform performs best for your business;
  • understanding how your audience interacts with your content;
  • determining which social media platform should be placeholder and which active;
  • getting clarity for action steps the following month;
  • freeing your time to focus on serving your clients. 

You can easily do the Social Media yourself, once a month it may take as little as 15-30 minutes.

There is a slightly different approach of social media audit depending on whether your platform is a placeholder or an active business tool.

Social Media Audit for “placeholder” social media platforms.

  1. List all your social media platforms where you have an account but you don’t apply strategy for your social media platform.
  2. Check the main elements of ‘placeholder’ platforms: Cover Image, profile description, the main post. 
  3. Make a decision if you want to turn the platform into a business tool for the next month.

Social Media Audit for  social media platforms that you use as a business tool:

  1. How many people were reached 
  2. What content got the most engagement
  3. What can you change for the next month

How to do social media audit for different social media platforms:


As a Placeholder platform

  • Make sure that your Cover Photo reflects your current business affairs.
  • Check the profile description and that the link is not outdated.
  • Pinned post – whether it needs to be refreshed.
  • Notifications – new followers, retweets/comments.


    As an Active business tool

    • Check analytics
    • Which posts got the most impressions
    • Engagement
    • Website visits

    As a Placeholder platform

    • Check notifications

    • If you published articles in the past check whether they are still relevant, if not delete them.

      As an Active business tool

      • Check whether you have unanswered messages.

      • Implement “keep in touch strategy” with your new and existing contacts.

      • Check the stats of your articles to plan topics for the new ones.

      Facebook and Instagram

      Facebook and Instagram are tricky platforms – if you use it as a placeholder platform your organic reach will suffer. More on Facebook than Instagram.

      If you do a Facebook Live at least once a week on your page and share interesting content from other people you can maintain some sort of visibility. Though the more active you are with your videos or lives the more exposure you get.
      You can check your overall stats by checking Insights on your Facebook business page.
      Facebook Creator studio gives you stats on the performance of your videos.

      Instagram stats are more comprehensive on your phone. If you want to use Instagram as an active business tool you need to read your data on a regular basis as it will show you what you can tweak in your activities.

      Click on the three lines.

      Then on Insights.

      Scroll through the tabs

      Check hashtag performance


      If you post at least once a week it will be considered as a consistent posting, and if you use right SEO strategies your videos can get a decent reach without you spending a lot of time on the platform.

      Check your stats at least once a month.

      You can use TubeBuddy software which helps not only  with analytics but also with SEO tools.

      You check the overall growth of your subscribers, and you can check your audience and separate videos in more details to see which video has brought you the highest number of subscribers.

      If you don’t want to use TubeBuddy you can find your stats as shown in the picture below.

      You also can see the overall viewing time and if you want to go deeper you even can see how long on average your video was watched.


      This platform is an excellent tool to drive the traffic to your website the more pin you post the higher the traffic. You need to have a business account to see the stats. You don’t need to post just your stuff, anything that will be useful to your audience.  

      Hope you found this article useful and can use every month. If you would like to have it in a PDF format send me an email to inga@highimpacthappiness.com and I will send it to you.