If you take your business seriously and want it to be profitable planning of your business activities and content should be an inevitable part of your business process.

Forget about going with the flow approach. If you want to manifest your business success you need to be intentional about it.


Make it special.

Either go to the coffee shop (depending on whether your area is in the lockdown or not) if you can’t book a space in the hotel or leave your house, then make it special at home. 

If you share your living space with someone else let them know that you require some undisturbed time to work on your own.

Light the candles, make your favourite beverage, switch on music that helps you plan.

My favourite band for planning is “Muse” but there are plenty of playlists of music for planning.


Make it a calendar entry

Days when you do planning need to be booked in your calendar, so there is no temptation to move the time around. Book these dates at least 3 months in advance. It’s the time for your business growth and you can’t squeeze a client appointment instead of your planning day.


Make it a collaboration

Doing it on  your own may be a little bit daunting and boring. Call a business buddy and arrange it to do together, you can bounce ideas off each other. 

When possible travel to a different destination so  you have business staycation.

Every first Friday of the month, we, the Magical Creators Community, come together and work on our planning, not just business planning but also content planning.

We include both manifestation aspects in our planning and very down-to-earth tactics to grow our businesses. 

 You can get the ticket for our next event here.

If you feel that you are busy all the time but not achieving much, if your days feel hectic or if you struggle with being consistent with your social media posts, it’s a sign that you need to introduce planning into your business, and, maybe, even personal life.