Let’s talk about dreams and goals. If you run a business or plan running a business, setting and revisiting goals are probably  regular activities for you.

I’ve just celebrated my 44th birthday. I always treat my birthday as a personal new year, and it is always the time when I set my goals for the upcoming year. This year I kept postponing setting up my new goals because I knew that it would bring changes, and while we all want changes, the transition period towards our goals is always messy and uncomfortable, so it is only natural wanting to avoid it.

A part of me is ready to make big changes in my life, similar to how I did it 11 years ago when I moved from Latvia to London and started a new life in a foreign country from scratch, or how I left my corporate job 5 years ago to pursue running my business on a full-time basis without having any back-up plan.

If you want to achieve anything in your life, you need to know yourself well.

You need to know what motivates you and what trips you up on your way to your goals.

I know that public accountability and transparency helped me in the past to achieve my biggest goals, that’s why I am writing this article to start my public accountability towards achieving my goals.

You are welcome to follow my journey by reading my blog or come and say “Hi!” on Instagram where I will be featuring highlights of my journey.

When you start something new fear will always show up!

It’s up to you – either to give in fear and stay where you are, or you transform fear into excitement and move towards your dreams.

You need to acknowledge your fear, feel it and then transform it.


Every time I want to move to a new level in my life or business, knowing that fear will show up, I book a session with my friend Melanie Moore who is a Big Vision Coach, she helps to gain clarity around  biggest goals, and together we uncover hidden limiting beliefs that can surface from the depth of unconsciousness.

Your intentions can’t be manifested without your commitment to success.

Committed means you are not just interested in a positive result, you are focused and ready to give your all to achieve your dreams.

Majority of my clients dislike the word “discipline”, they perceive it as restrictive. I used to think the same, only recently I’ve discovered that being disciplined means gaining freedom from distractions and being focused on activities that need to be done even if you rather “go with the flow” and spend all day networking.

It may require effort to switch off distractions and create new useful habits but it will get easier along the way.

If you want to take your life and business to a new level share it either with your peers or even with the world. Come here on Instagram post and share your intention of taking yourself to a new level.

I would like to share my big goal before I reach 45th birthday in 2020.

I am moving from being a solopreneur to a company director.

I have an office with one local employee and 3 remote workers.

As you can see I have stated it in a positive present tense and  I have a deadline.

It may seem like not a big deal to someone but this dream is quite outside my comfort zone. First of all, it means increased costs which requires me to increase my earnings.

Secondly, I will be responsible for financial well-being of someone else.

Thirdly, I would need to let go of control and delegate.

It took me several years before I was able to trust somebody with my website but working with my current website designer,  Athena Design House. was one of my smartest decisions.

Stating your goal is not enough, you need to have clarity who your need to become in order to make your dreams come true.

It’s better to write it down on paper, and revisit your biggest goals on a regular basis. Even better print them out and keep somewhere visible so you have a constant reminder.

I am sure that this article hasn’t brought you information that you haven’t heard before. The aim of this article is to remind you (me including) of simple but necessary steps in order to be able to play a much bigger game.

As Ed Mylett said,

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing for you”


Now over to you – how does the next level in your life or business look like, what one step that you take today to get closer to your goals?

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