Empty streets and empty shelves in the shops, dreadful media coverage.

Do you also feel as if we are living the script from a disaster movie?

I usually don’t watch them but I am pretty sure in these movies you won’t see scenes of how small business owners were running their businesses despite the hardships and overall panic, and became even more successful as the result of it.

That’s why I wanted to document my process and get back into the habit of regular blogging.


My first reaction was adjusting and adapting to the new way of life. Then I thought, maybe, it’s time to create a new way of life without waiting when all is going to be over and we can get back to normal.

No matter whether you worked from home or you had an office, now when everyone has to stay inside your working environment has been affected. 

My living room served as an office space, previously, it wasn’t a problem because everyone was either at work or Uni, now when we are in the lockdown it has been  turned into a home cinema, and Netflix is running on repeat. 

If everyone is using the Internet at the same time including your neighbours then the Internet speed will be affected too.  

It means that you need to create the new working environment and set new cohabitation rules. This is a great time to practice your boundaries and put yourself first. 


I’ve decided to start with spring cleaning my entire flat to bring new energy and the sense of a new beginning. 

Clean space means a clear mind. This is when you can open up to new ideas. The whole process of cleaning is therapeutic on its own. Few years ago it was a craze for decluttering in a special way, as I find it hard to follow any instructions. I prefer to find my own way of clearing out the space. 

Try to bring flowers into your office space, you don’t need to have a special occasion to have flowers, it will naturally improve your mood and increase your creativity flow.

I am setting up my office space following advice from Kurly Marwaha in our recent interview for the Magical Creators Online Summit. 

I am also following her tips on how to increase business flow using principles of Feng Shui, there are different explanations and applications of Feng Shui but I like Kurly’s explanation that the main principle of Feng Shui is YOU not just what shape is the building you live in. 

We talked about different ways to increase your financial flow. Kurly teaches about the “clear desk policy”  and how by following it just for 14 days you can see magic happening in your life and business.

It requires only 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

“Clear desk” doesn’t mean a clean desk, it means that your business affairs are organised when you finish your working desk and it gets organised when you start your day otherwise you risk to have a mental clutter that will keep your energy drained.

Watch a video below from my interview with Kurly where she explains how Feng Shui works (It’s a little preview from the interview for the Magical Creators Summit”

You can access the whole interview with Kurly by purchasing it on the Magical Creators Online Summit website.