The idea of creating the “High Impact Happiness” coaching brand was born in 2018 when I noticed that no matter how many smart launching strategies I created for my clients if their internal state was less than happy it affected results.

If you want to create impact it’s paramount for you to know how to maintain the state of inner happiness. I know for sure when people are happy they can tap into their best version of themselves. They are open to inspiration thus they are in a better position to make an impact in other people’s lives.

I’m not talking about being deliriously happy, I am talking about maintaining the inner peace.

There is a belief that only when artists are hungry they are able to perform better. I used to support this belief because a few years ago I tended to come up with my best ideas only when “my back was against the wall”, only then I was able to create my most profitable projects. I felt immense sense of accomplishment every time I managed to turn hopeless situation into a victory. While being resourceful was exhilarating I knew that it’s not sustainable in the long-term and I would wear myself down eventually. That’s why I started looking for new ways.

I am creating this article as a go-to document for my clients, or anyone else who is in need to overcome internal crisis and find your way back to your best self. I’ve called it “The Happiness Protocol for Entrepreneurs”, and I am going to lay down the main principles, and you can create your own happiness protocol. First, you need to create your Happiness Protocol. Do this when you feel good so you can tap into your creativity:

Step 1. Create a playlist of your favourite meditations.

You need to quiet your mind.

Step 2 Create a playlist of your favourite dance songs.

The best way how to shake off negativity and bring your mood to neutral is physical activities. Go jogging (if it is something that you enjoy doing) Combine exercises with positive affirmations.

Step 3 Create a collection of your previous successes.

Collect all your testimonials in one place so you can remind yourself how much goodness you have already done for your clients. When it’s done store it in an easy-to-access folder.

ENABLE your Happiness Protocol in the moments of doubts, despair, losing faith in your capabilities as entrepreneur.

Prevention is the best cure that’s why:

  • Create daily happiness habits like meditation, exercises or anything else that improves your mood.
  • Create a habit of writing a daily gratitude list.
  • Create a habit of finding a blessing in every tough situation.

It’s impossible to be happy all the time, we humans are meant to feel all spectre of emotions but if you follow the steps outlined in this article and create your own Happiness Protocol you will be able to restore your inner peace much quicker and you can continue to create and make impact on other people’s life, and increase the overall vibration of the planet. Being happy is your responsibility! (Do you agree?)

It’s easier to create impact when you have clarity about what steps you need take in your business. Let me help you with this – book a complimentary call with me and you will have an action plan for your business for the next 30 days. Link to book https://bookme.name/success/lite/connection