When you are a solopreneur your personality affects your business. If you are an intuitive, creative and go-with-flow type of person then you will probably agree that planning is the most boring activity but deep inside you know that it is vital for your business success.


Would you agree that serving your customers is the most enjoyable thing? Making a difference in somebody’s life was probably the reason why you started your entrepreneurial journey in the first place.


Efficient planning take up some time in the beginning but eventually it will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on serving your clients and enjoying life. 


I am very good at creating and supervising launch outlines for my clients when it comes to my business I used to  find planning restrictive but now I know if you want freedom in your business you need to have some sort of planning that suits your personality.


There are different planning methods, I prefer planning in 90 days chunks as it feels more attainable than annual goals. 


Though before starting planning you need to have a vision for your business, you need to know the direction where you are heading.


In the beginning you usually don’t have enough information about what kind of activities  you need to perform in order to achieve desired business results. That’s why you can start with “trial planning”, namely, decide how much money you would like to make, how many clients to serve, and then draft your activities.


It helps if every day you set yourself three money making activities – action steps that bring you money either immediately or builds foundation to the future income streams. 


At this stage it is important that you create a tracking system, starting with daily inventory, so you know what kind of activities brought you the best results.

Tracking system will also show your main distractors and when you are the most productive.


After you’ve done planning overall activities you need to plan your social media presence. 

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The best way to integrate planning in your daily activities is by using calendar where you allocate time for planning and treat it as your sacral time and don’t book clients only because it is the most convenient time for them.  If you want to serve more clients you need to put yourself as a priority. 


Planning is vital to maintain consistency. Look back at the last 7 days of your business activities and see the pattern – how many times have you posted on social media platforms, how many times have you written a blog post or done a livestream. 


Ask yourself: how planning can improve your consistency.


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To make planning less boring make it more exciting – create rituals around it:

Go to your favourite coffee shop or do it in the lobby of your favourite hotel.

If the weather is nice, go to the park and spend time planning your upcoming activities.


Do it when you are the more productive – either the first thing in the morning if you are a morning person or in the evening if you perform the best in the evenings.

If you have like-minded fellow entrepreneurs organise planning sessions together and you can brainstorm your ideas.