This article looks at how the Clubhouse app impacted the lives and businesses of intuitive entrepreneurs and their friends in 2021. Whether this then new app was a pleasant distraction or useful business tool.

We will look at

whether to include the Clubhouse app into your business strategy in 2022?

Around a year ago Clubhouse app was a hot new platform that everyone was talking about. At that time it was invitation only so it was even more desirable. In this article I am looking at what role the Clubhouse app has played in my business and life, and I have collected some insights from other entrepreneurs.

Now when technology is so advanced and new platforms are emerging almost daily it is difficult to understand whether “the new thing” adds value in your life or is a time waster.

When I heard about the Clubhouse app a year ago, I didn’t know much about it but my intuition was nudging me to join it sooner rather than later.

On 27th December 2021 I was officially invited to the Clubhouse community.
And a year later I received a lovely message from the Clubhouse team.



The first two weeks of the year I spent being on this platform almost daily. First of all, it was really addictive – meeting new people, especially when you meet your “heroes” and you can ask them any question, seemed like a dream come true. 

I was learning new things daily.  Plus back then the audio wasn’t recorded so if you were not in the “room” you were literally missing out. 

After the first two weeks I could see clearly how the Clubhouse app can be used strategically and I wrote an article about the 5 ways how to use Clubhouse to grow your business, and even though there are a lot of changes and improvements on the app, these five principles are still relevant. 

Recently on my Facebook profile I did a Poll asking people whether they were still using the Clubhouse app efficiently, or they were active at first but later had given up on the app, or they didn’t use it properly at all.

In the comments below (or click on the image and comment on the original post), please let me know, which category do you belong to:

A. You are on the Clubhouse app and loving it?

B. You were on it in the beginning but not any more?

C. I never joined it properly?

mobile phone image with a poll asking about Clubhouse app

However people, who are consistent on the app, report having great results with it, like Sober Jo, who I met through the Clubhouse app.

Jo said,

 “… I have been hosting my ‘Sober Journey’ Clubhouse room now weekly for nearly 9 months.

We celebrate the highs and hold space for the lows, and it brings together a like-minded community of sober and sober curious people who can speak honestly with no judgement.


I love that it’s audio only and that you can do it from anywhere.

The room is an hour long.

I update the events on my website for people to join > www.soberjo.com/events


It’s currently my free support space and an opportunity for people to connect with me / others on their sober journeys.”


Connect with Jo at  www.soberjo.com

Instagram  @realsoberjo

Partly influenced by Jo, partly listening to my intuition, I quit alcohol for good in April 2021. 

I met Jo in the “Real Life Club” room that I attended regularly, it was co-hosted by Sam Adams and my best friend Gayle Edwards. These regular audio meetings connected us closely as if we knew each other the whole life. 

We even got together in real life and had unforgettable moments.

You can see the snippets of it in the video below.

Like with any social media platform you need to be consistent, which was easy for me to do till June. The moment all restrictions were lifted many people, including me,  took a break from the Clubhouse. It was very difficult to find my way back into regular presence on the platform.  In the last 6 months of 2021 I’ve been only doing 10 rooms in total. 

If you need to understand all the Clubhouse jargon – you can check the Clubhouse User Guide. 

Apart from meeting extremely wonderful people, I have experienced business results as well. The most remarkable situation was when just hearing me for the first time on the Clubhouse app, a lady signed up for my services almost on the spot and we worked brilliantly together. 

This is what she said about working with me:

testimonial for Inga Deksne on LinkedIn

I have to say that it was the only case when I attracted a client out of the blue from the Clubhouse. (even though I specialise in attracting clients out of the blue in general)

Another candid moment of joining the Clubhouse was meeting an actor and motivational speaker Glenn Morshower (he has been in many films, I remember him from his role in “Charmed”, many people recognise from the series “24 hours”

He introduced me to the concept of pronoia “…a person experiencing pronoia feels that the world around them conspires to do them good…”

Glenn Morshower 2009
Glenn Moroshower on Clubhouse app

I also used the Clubhouse app to heal my limiting beliefs, like” I am not good enough” – what will happen if you run the room and nobody shows up. Back then Clubhouse was limited – you couldn’t record your shows, if you missed the show you couldn’t listen to the replay, if nobody showed up your show didn’t happen. 

Imagine my surprise that I got an opportunity to be interviewed on a prominent podcast alongside with many extraordinary women, I’ve almost chickened out of it because of my stupid “who-am-I-to-be-among-the-greatest” story.

I wasn’t the only one who used Clubhouse as a self-discovery tool, I love how beautifully Victoria described her experience on the app:

Gayle Edwards

Victoria said,

 “… With little confidence in my voice whilst trying to reconnect with who I was, my curiosity and some might say stars aligning, I fell onto this simple app. Naive of what a sense of community I would feel, whilst building my inner belief to speak out and create action from my words.

Finding your tribe became the mantra, whilst sharing deep and being open with people across the globe, I learned so much about others and myself.




As the wave of my 2021’s usage quietens slightly, my thoughts are to use the app with more intent for 2022. How do I take what has been learnt, challenged and changed in me and carry that forward, building up my profile as a writer/content writer to help others?”


Connect with Victoria on Instagram @ginge_unhinged

I met Victoria on the Clubhouse app and my life became enriched from meeting this beautiful soul. 

Now Clubhouse app has upgraded it features big time in comparison to the beginning of 2021:

  • You can record your shows;
  • The replays are attached to your profile;
  • You can use replays on your other platforms.
  • You can share the links that you want to feature during the show.
  • You can create snippets of your show and repurpose them later.
  • You can now message people within the app.

There are so many opportunities to use the Clubhouse app as an efficient business tool.

My friend, Gayle Edwards, is a brilliant example of how impactful Clubhouse app can be when used strategically.

Gayle said,

“Clubhouse was a real game changer for me in 2021!  It allowed me to personify my brand even more, which is all about having the audacity to be authentic within your business and being on an audio platform, without any filters or replays (at that time) was actually very liberating. 

It accelerated connections so that genuine friendships and collaborations could be formed and also expanded my knowledge in many areas.  However, my greatest gift from Clubhouse was confidence!

Appearing on stages sharing my experiences and expertise really cemented, for me, the value I have and this has also been what I have coaching, mentoring and training my clients on – leveraging Clubhouse to build your Personal Brand! 

I will be expanding this even more in 2022 now there are so many new features that can really help us to increase impact.  My clients are already benefiting from being positioned as leading authorities within their markets and Clubhouse is a big part of that. 

Also podcasts and live interviews will feature more heavily within my portfolio too with Clubhouse being the main platform for those.  All in all, for me, Clubhouse continues to be an impactful platform. 

However, the real winners will be those who now become much more strategic and intentional in their use of it.”  

Gayle Edwards, Global Personal Brand & Cultural Impact Strategist.

Connect with Gayle on Instagram @gayleedwards.brandyou

I am feeling deep gratitude to all creators of the Clubhouse, it truly impacted my life in 2021. 

Will you give the Clubhouse App a go in 2022?

  • Be intentional with your activities on the app.
  • Allocate a specific time you spend on it.
  • Be consistent – allow at least 30 days to understand how to build your strategy.

Please share your experience with the Clubhouse in the comments.

Will you be using it as a part of your marketing in 2022?