It’s difficult to feel inspired when you need to solve one problem after another. For instance, a few days ago, I was informed that my planned live event had to be cancelled due to the government’s directives to cancel all events. It was disappointing because I really wanted it to happen as I know that the event will bring so much needed  healing.

In order to distract myself I decided to do a makeover of my living room which has started as a simple exercise to clear my space and bring fresh energy in my life. You can read more about it in my previous blog post. It’s so much easier to occupy yourself with endless tasks than sit in quietness. 

Feeling inspired is not easy even when you are a super optimist like me, but I’ve finally got back into flow thanks to my best friend Melanie Moore who reminded me to focus on what I would like to do and suggested writing a letter from my Future Self six month from now. 

To tell you the truth I did that exercise only because I was looking for a topic for today’s blog post. I am glad that I did it. It helped me connect with the flow, describing what awaits me 6 months from now ignited my inspiration, I started getting ideas and setting action steps. 

When you write what’s possible 6 months from now, it’s not about your fantasies, it eventually shows you what you need to do today to be able to reach your dreams in the future. 

What you need to do:

  • Take a piece of paper and write a letter to you, start with “Dear [your name], it’s 30th September 2020 (or you put any date that will be in 6 months for you), I am writing to tell you about exciting things that await you…”
  • Let your pen flow, don’t analyse, don’t think whether it’s possible.
  • Just to remember to include recommendations from Future You to your Current You what steps need to be taken today in order to achieve all these beautiful things. 

Melanie Moore is a dear friend of mine, she is an inspirational and successful entrepreneur. 

She was one of the experts at the Magical Creators Online Summit and she shared a special tapping exercise to overcome fear of success. 

You can find Melanie’s interview on the summit website. 

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You can find Melanie’s interview on the summit website.