9 Surprising lessons were revealed to me while I was looking at mistakes, I made in my business in 2021

I was debating with myself whether to disclose mistakes that I made this year, as there is a saying “show them your scars not your wounds” but then I decided that I want to be fully transparent.

I want to work with clients who are connected with me on a soul’s level, who knows that despite me not being perfect I will do my best to facilitate their growth and increased abundance.

Besides working through my list of mistakes turned out to be very inspirational and I know that it has build a solid foundation for my future success.

I want to inspire you to look at your perceived mistakes and shortcomings from a different perspective.

1. I didn’t become a millionairess.

The main reason was because I didn’t believe in this goal in the first place. It feels safe for me to set big impossible goals.

Moving forward I am not going to set up big goals for 2022 . My plan is to set minimum, medium and “wow” goals. Every month I plan to increase the minimum level.

Even though my best friend champions big vison and I agree with her, but I’ve discovered that my subconscious mind gives me permission to slack because the goal feels unattainable anyway.

I haven’t given up on this dream, but I plan to “train” myself to achieve smaller financial goals on a consistent basis and then expand.

I plan to document my new journey on Instagram @ingadeksne – you are welcome to follow my journey.


2. “Magical Creators Online Business Academy”

After beta-testing phase I lost interest in it and wasn’t developing, even though I know that the information is valuable there.

This mistake showed me the importance of advance planning for service promotion

In 2022 I am aiming to resume developing this product.


3. High Impact Happiness website

The Home page requires a total makeover. Despite having the best website designer in the world, first, I need to get clear myself about the concept of the website.

I do feel that just by making tweaks on my website I will create a sense of becoming unstoppable and it will facilitate growth of my business. 

On the plus size I can teach my clients how to run your online business without a fancy website. 


4. Magical Creators Live event with 100+ attendees.

While my ego was picturing overcrowded Zoom with hundreds of attendees, and I was imagining myself posting boasting posts on Facebook about the sold out event, that number was never reached.

Part of me felt revealed because it was easier to run smaller events, but I would love to create a bigger impact for more people.

For 2022 I have allowed a bigger runway time. I plan to have event in October 2022, I want to involve more people in creating and promoting it.


5. Magical Creators Membership

This membership is my best creation. I am proud of quality of services delivered for members. Growth of the membership is my failing of 2021.  Admitting this mistake helped me to reconsider my approach in promoting the membership and bringing even more value for existing members.

If you never heard of the Magical Creators Community – and you want to grow your business you need to join us at least for one month.


6. Team building

I’ve hired a VA this year and I have still 12 hours outstanding with her. I find doing things myself quicker rather than spending the same amount of time explaining what needs to be done. I am fully aware that I need to change my approach and allocate a chunk of time in creating a system for delegating tasks. I know that without it I won’t be able to grow.


7. Social Media channels

Apart from Pinterest, growth of my social media platforms was stagnate, mostly because I was still able to use my social media platforms as profitable business tools with existing numbers but it’s not enough. Especially, because I want monetise my YouTube channel, and I can’t do it without 1000 subscribers.

Though rather than focusing on a particular social media platform I plan to focus on creating a short form video content that can be distributed on several platforms.


8. Blog posts

I used to write blog posts every day (many years ago) – it was shocking to discover that I wrote only 4 in 2021.

It comes to organising your work in the most efficient way. I have created a free masterclass that teaches exactly this – “A simple planning formula for outstanding results”. It’s not just a theory – this is the system that I am applying every day now.


9. Unused courses and business tools

Knowledge without implementation is useless. I have bought so many courses and tools this year and I haven’t utilised them fully. I plan to change it. I have  created a document “The Business Growth Magical Toolkit”  that outlines tools and rituals that can be used by intuitive entrepreneurs and you can get it for free.


While I was working on my mistakes I have created a 7-step system how to do annual, monthly or weekly business review to build a solid foundation for future success. 

I am so grateful for all the mistakes that I made in 2021. I would love to hear about your mistakes in 2021 that have a potential to become a real blessing please either comment below or come over to my Instagram post and share your story there.