Tapping into the power of social media for business purposes is relatively simple; however, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many social media platforms available today that it’s hard to know which ones are going to work best for your particular business.

The good news is that in this article you will learn how to choose the right social media platform(s) for you and how to turn them into profitable business tools to increase your revenue and attract more clients.

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with too much information because it can make social media feel like a big job instead of a fun and positive experience. If you spend too much time focusing on the technology aspects of it, the fun will eventually fade.

If you’re not careful, social media can become a black hole of time and resources without much return. You could spend hours every day responding to comments, checking analytics, and posting on all your pages—but still have little idea what’s working and what’s not.

I have created the Social Media Flow process to eliminate overwhelm and make your time on social media productive and enjoyable.

It may seem odd to set intentions for your social media presence but once you do this, you will see how easier it will become for you to show up consistently on your platforms.
I hope there is no argument about the necessity to be consistent if you want to achieve any results. 

To be consistent on social media without seeing immediate results can be challenging but if you are clear what your social media focus is then you don’t get discouraged when your posts don’t become “viral”, and you don’t amass millions of followers overnight.
Besides, the number of followers is not an indicator of financial success.

Social Media Intention Setting


Step 1

List all of your social media platforms, even those that you don’t use actively. Choose one or maximum two platforms that you want to focus on in the next 30 days.



Step 2

Write down intentions for each of the platforms, what you would like to experience being on the platform, what kind of results you would like it to generate.

For example, 

For my activities on LinkedIn I set the following intentions:

“To show up consistently and optimise my account – both personal and business to attract future customers. The focus for January is to be consistent and do work on the account every day no matter how small action I am taking.  Build connections – being proactive in reaching out to people. 

Performance metrics:

Spending an hour a day devoted to the platform.

Sending at least 1 message every day.

By the end of the month send at least 30 invitations to connect. “


You can write your intentions free flow but I would recommend including

Desired outcome – what you want to experience after 30 days;

Frequency – how often do you plan to show up – I would recommend daily for the platforms you want to grow.

Performance metrics – how would  you measure your success (you can include # of followers but I would focus on progress measurements rather than just number of followers.)

Why is it important to choose only one or two platforms for growth?

Unless you have a marketing agency working on your behalf it is impossible to allocate equal attention to more than 2 platforms. 

It doesn’t mean that you completely ignore your other platforms, in my article  “Monthly Social Media Audit” I am talking in more detail about active and representative platforms.

Social Media Flow – Implementation

After you have chosen your main social media platform(s) and written down  your intentions you need to move to the second part of the Social Media Flow process – implementation. 

The Implementations stage consists of



At the learning stage you don’t need to start with posting consistently but you need to be consistent with working on the platform. 

Your intention can include the following “… to spend 15 minutes every day learning about Instagram for the next 30 days” or “… watch other people’s performance on the platform to get inspired” 

There are plenty of free resources available. You may choose to sign up for the course to speed up the learning process. 

Inside the Magical Creators I am providing a systematic approach to turn any social media platform into a profitable business tool.


Implementing what you’ve learned

Here you would need to combine this with planning – creating the sequence of steps to achieve desired results. Don’t try to make it perfect. 

When I started posting on TikTok it was a huge achievement on its own because I was just consuming other people’s content for a year. 

My intention for TikTok is to post at least 1 video a week, I am not concerned about views or followers – I don’t have many. But I know what is important for me when it comes to this platform, especially, when I haven’t chosen it as my main platform. 

Focus on your desired results, not on what everyone says you should be doing.



Engaging with other participants

You can combine it with a learning stage – when  you observe somebody’s performance on the platform, leave a comment, like the post, share if you found it valuable. Start building relationships. 

Each of the implementation stages requires you being consistent. You choose how consisten you are – on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Why is consistency not enough?

No matter how consistent you are on the platform, if you are not clear on  who you serve, what kind of problem you solve won’t result in getting customers. 

You may get a lot of followers but if your offer is not compelling enough, those followers won’t become your customers. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have clients out of the blue? When you get emails and phone calls from people wanting to work with you. It seems as if you have clients out of the blue. 

It is not that difficult when you know who you serve, what problem you solve, when you have expressed your message clearly and you are energetically aligned with your ideal customers, you bring the sense of magic into your business. 

Would you like to experience it? Then my Client Attraction Roadmap is for you!